Julie Teichroeb

Julie Teichroeb, a smiling white woman with blonde hair, wearing a red sweater and white blouse
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Julie Teichroeb received her Ph.D. in primatology from the University of Calgary in 2009 before taking post-doc positions at McGill University, the University of California Santa Cruz, and Duke University. Julie primarily examines the evolution of sociality from the perspective of constraints on individuals and their subsequent decision-making. The relative influence of social and ecological pressures on social organization is of particular interest. Most of her current fieldwork is being carried out at Lake Nabugabo, Uganda and is focused on two primate species, vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) and Angolan colobus (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii). Topics currently under investigation for the vervets include understanding consensus costs in group movements and decision-making during social foraging, often utilizing field experiments. The colobus form a unique multilevel society within the primates and work is underway to determine how their dynamic patterns of sociality evolved. 


Teaching Interests

Primate Behaviour; Primate Sociality; Primate Conservation

Research Interests

Primate Behavioural Ecology

Evolution of Group Living and Social Organization

Spatial Cognition

Consensus Decision-Making

Social Foraging

Selected Recent Publications

For a full list of publications see www.julieteichroeb.com

2022  Matsuda I, Grueter CC & Teichroeb JA. eds. The Colobines: Natural History, Behaviour and Ecological Diversity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK.

2021  Teichroeb JA, Corewyn LC & Paterson JD. 2021. Primate Behavior: An Exercise Workbook, 3rd Edition. Waveland Press, Long Grove IL.

2021  Stead SM, Bădescu I, Raboin DL, Sicotte P, Rothman JM, Baden AL & Teichroeb JA. High levels of infant handling by adult males in Rwenzori Angolan colobus (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii) compared to two closely related species, C. vellerosus and C. guerezaPrimates 62: 637-646.

2021  Li MF, Arseneau-Robar TJM, Smeltzer EA & Teichroeb JA. Be early or be tolerated: vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) foraging strategies in a dispersed resource. Animal Behaviour 176: 1-15.

2021  Adams FV, Arseneau-Robar TJM, Bonnell TR, Stead SM & Teichroeb JA. Temporal patterns in the social network of core units in an African colobine multi-level society. Ecology and Evolution 11(7): 3251-3263.