Genevieve Dewar

Genevieve Dewar, a white woman with brown hair wearing thick tortoiseshell glasses and hoop earrings smiles at the camera
Professor and Associate Chair
Telephone number
cell 416-985-0366
Building HL 312


  • SAA (Society for American Archaeology)
  • PASC (Paleoanthropology Society of Canada)
  • ASAPA (Association of South African Professional Archeologists)
  • SAfA (Society of Africanist Archeologists) Executive member
  • AAPA (American Association of Physical Anthropologists)
  • CAPA (Canadian Association of Physical Anthropologists)

Teaching Interests

  • Introduction to Anthropology: Becoming Human
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Human Origins: New Discoveries
  • Human and Primate Comparative Osteology
  • Advanced Topics In Human Osteology

Research Interests

  • Origins and development of Modern Human Behaviour
  • Adaptations to Marginal Environments in the Middle Stone Age
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Subsistence strategies
  • Settlement patterns

Awards and Grants

2017    Co-Principle Investigator, National Science Foundation, Senior Research Grant. Early Adaptations to High Mountain Systems: The Pleistocene Peopling of Highland Lesotho. USD$192,000

2015 Principle Investigator, SSHRC Insight Grant, Human landscape use during Marine Isotope Stage 3 and Marine Isotope Stage 2 in southern Africa, $263,299.

2013 Principle Investigator, UTSC VPR Competitiveness Fund, Palaeoenvironmental analysis of Spitzkloof Rockshelter $9,950.

2013 Replicas of human remains. UTSC CTL Teaching Equipment Grant. $5,475.

2012 Co-director, McDonald Institute D.M. McDonald Grants and Award Fund, 'Adaptations to Marginal Environments in the Middle Stone Age', 5,000GBP, Dr. Brian Stewart, PI

2011 Principle Investigator, SSHRC Standard research grant, 'Crossroads in the desert: Pleistocene forager adaptations to marginal environments', $102,059

2010 Co-director, Wenner-Gren, 'Middle Stone Age of the Lesotho Highlands' $17,000, Dr. Brian Stewart, PI

2010 Co-director, McDonald Institute D.M. McDonald Grants and Award Fund, 'Middle Stone Age of the Lesotho Highlands', 4,500GBP, Dr. Brian Stewart, PI

2009 Principle Investigator, SSHRC Environmental Grant, 'Adaptations to Marginal Environments in the Middle Stone Age' $37,390.


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