Beauty and the Beast: Political Logic and the Limits of Tolerance in the Refashioning of Old Bangkok

Michael Herzfeld

Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University)

Wednesday, December 8, 1-3pm (via Zoom)



The UTSC Centre for Ethnography is pleased to present:

Michael Herzfeld is Ernest E. Monrad Research Professor of the Social Sciences, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University; IIAS Professor of Critical Heritage Studies Emeritus, Leiden University; Chang Jiang Scholar/Visiting Professor, Shanghai International Studies University; and Professorial Fellow, Faculty of Humanities, University of Melbourne

His forthcoming book (December 2021) is entitled Subversive Archaism: Troubling Traditionalists and the Politics of National Heritage (Duke University Press)

Introduction available at:

Recent books include:

Ours Once More: Folklore, Ideology, and the Making of Modern Greece (new, expanded edition, Berghahn 2020); Life Among Urban Planners: Practice, Professionalism, and Expertise in the Making of the City. Co-edited with Jennifer Mack (University of Pennsylvania Press).


To be followed on Thursday December 9th by “Celebrating Ravindra Jain: A conversation in conjunction with the publication of Michael Herzfeld's Subversive Archaism

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