Antonio Sorge

Antonio Sorge
Assistant Professor
Building HL 346

Antonio Sorge is a social anthropologist whose work centres on the state/society nexus, where a concern with the topics of social memory, politics of locality, histories of violence, crisis of liberalism, and undocumented migration figure prominently. He has conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Sardinia and explored rural highland dissent vis-à-vis the Italian state, and his current SSHRC-supported research on refugee resettlement in Sicily considers the future of a Mediterranean island that is a key node of twenty-first century mobilities. He is presently authoring his second book, titled A Mediterranean Crossroads: Ruptured Modernity in Sicily.

Teaching Interests

ANTC69H3 - Ideas That Matter: Key Themes and Thinkers in Anthropology

“Deception, Deceit, and Dishonesty: The Anthropology of Things that are Not as They Seem”

ANTD07H3 - Advanced Regional Seminar

“The Mediterranean: Cultures, Histories, and Mobilities”

ANTD05H3 - Advanced Fieldwork Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology


Recent Selected Publications

2021. Anxiety, Ambivalence, and the Violence of Expectations: Migrant Reception and Resettlement in Sicily. Anthropological Forum 31 (3).

2021. Emergent Axioms of Violence: Toward an Anthropology of Post-Liberal Modernity. Special issue of Anthropological Forum 31 (3): 1-16. (With Stavroula Pipyrou)

2018. Navigating the Mediterranean Refugee “Crisis”: Alter-Globalization Activism and the Sediments of History on Lampedusa. In Andrea Smith, Kristín Loftsdóttir, and Brigitte Hipfl, eds. Messy Europe: Racialization and Crisis in a Postcolonial World, pp. 196-219. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books.

2017 At the Mercy of Global Interests: Reflections on Nativism and Conspiratorialism in Italy. EuropeNow (online journal of the Council for European Studies). Special issue: The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Europe.

2015. Legacies of Violence: History, Society, and the State in Sardinia. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.