Members of the UTSC Alumni Association

The University of Toronto Scarborough Alumni Association (UTSCAA) seeks to engage the alumni membership in all its diversity to develop a lifelong relationship with UTSC and its larger community, fostering excellence in scholarship, community, and building up tradition and service.


The University of Toronto Scarborough Alumni Association (UTSCAA), governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, seeks to complement and support the efforts of University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)’s leadership to engage alumni and students through meaningful and enriching experiences, and to mobilize alumni in support of UTSC’s mission.


  • Connect current students with UTSC alumni with the goal of developing future alumni who are engaged with the UTSC alumni community.
  • Engage with UTSC's alumni body of 52,000 by developing programming throughout the year to encourage alumni participation in the life of UTSC.
  • Strengthen the visibility of and partnerships between the association, university faculty and staff, alumni, students, and the greater community.

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Lisa Lemon - Response to COVID-19 (pdf)