Christa Studzinski

UTSC Alumni - Christa Studzinski

Christa Studzinski


HBSc., Department of Life Sciences

Year of Graduation: 


Job Title: 

Manager, Research Program


Ontario Brain Institute

Christa Studzinski (BSc, 2002) is a go-getter. After her undergraduate degree, she earned a PhD in pharmacology, worked at a start-up company and completed two post-doctoral fellowships. “I’m a bit of a jack of all trades,” she jokes.

Returning to Toronto, Studzinski interned at the newly opened Ontario Brain Institute, which brings together researchers, clinicians, industry partners and patients. Five years later, she’s their manager of research programs.

“The neuroscience research that’s happening in Ontario is phenomenal,” she says. In one initiative, clinicians and a start-up company are collaborating to develop a robot that helps children in rehab learn to walk again. Studzinski describes an email she received: “For the first time ever, a teenager was able to give her mother a hug standing up.”

Says Studzinski: “Whatever I end up doing, I want to foster meaningful partnerships to enable research and innovation in Canada.”

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