Bryon Wilfert

UTSC Alumni - Bryon Wilfert

Bryon Wilfert


Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Education

Year of Graduation: 


Job Title: 

Honorary Consul


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

The Honourable Bryon Wilfert (BA, 1976) was always interested in politics. In a political career that spanned 26 years, he was best known as an MP for Richmond Hill. “I always understood the importance of public service,” he says. “I’d run again in a heartbeat, but now there are other avenues to explore. I enjoy the diplomatic world and speaking engagements — and Asia has always been my first love affair.”
Wilfert is now Honorary Consul for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. “I’m not the kind of person that’s going to retire. I don’t know how to spell the word,” he says. “I have to be busy.”

The recipient of an Arbor Award from U of T Scarborough for his volunteer activities, Wilfert has supported the university by mentoring students, serving as an advisor for Asian partnerships and, now, as a member of the Alumni College of Electors.

What is he most proud of? “I was elected to the highest office and held a seat in the House of Commons — what an honour and a privilege,” he says simply.

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