Statistics (Machine Learning & Data Mining)

About Me: 

What’s your favourite course at U of T Scarborough and why?

GGRA30H3: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning. I love the fact that at UTSC we are allowed to take courses outside our field of study. I had an interest in the field of GIS technology, and therefore took this course in the 3rd year of my undergraduate studies. The course not only used computers for the assignments, but also included us going outside and collecting real time data for the assignments. This was my first course at UTSC that required me to go around the campus and complete the assignment. I enjoyed the course so much and cannot wait to try other GIS courses offered by the university.

Who’s your favourite professor at U of T Scarborough and why?

My favourite professor at UTSC would be Dr. Richard Pancer, the Program Supervisor for Computer Science. Keeping in mind, in my first year I was as confused as anyone else as to what I wanted to pursue in the future. The sense of welcoming and warm feeling I received from him was more as a friend, and I was able to share my concerns and thoughts with him. He always guided me, and when in confusion gave the best suggestion he thought would be beneficial for me.

What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

My favourite spot on campus has to be the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. After a long tiring day filled with running between classes and professors offices, it is the best place to go to relax your mind and body. Given my love for being active , I get to go swim, play sports, do the rock climbing and of course workout all in one place.

Why did you decide to come to U of T Scarborough?

I decided to come to UTSC because I get to be part of the number 1 university in Canada, the University of Toronto. In addition, I was fortunate enough that I lived really close to the campus so I did not have to live on residence or go far from my family.

Why did you decide to become an SRA?

Before becoming an SRA, I was involved with Admissions & Student Recruitment as a Volunteer Tour Guide, and gave tours to future students of UTSC and answered their various questions. I loved the work I was doing as a volunteer, and I could not get enough of it. I wanted to do more to help the prospective students’ in making their decisions and making sure their transition to university goes smooth. Becoming an SRA was the perfect thing for me as it helps me give back to the UTSC community what I received when I first started university.

Favourite movie/TV show?


Favourite food?

Anything that is vegetarian and tastes good

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year self what would it be?

Get involved in clubs!