Vidisha Singh




Neuroscience; Psychology

About Me: 

What’s your favourite course at U of T Scarborough and why? 

There are so many courses that are so interesting in terms of the content and the way they're taught. One course that I am particularly enjoying is the NROC63: Neuroscience Laboratory course (taught by Anett Schumacher) because of its hand-on lab component — it involves dealing with live rats! We train and test them, but the best part is cuddling and petting the rats! They are very adorable and calm when they get to know you, plus they get so happy when they see you!

Who’s your favourite professor at U of T Scarborough and why?

Oh my! There are so many! I really enjoyed Dr. Matthais Niemeier’s style of teaching because he’s really charismatic and energetic in the way he teaches. Similarly, Jason Brown is such an amazing professor because he understands the students and especially the fact that different students have different approaches to study and he tries to accommodate all of those in his classes through the assignments so that everyone is given the opportunity to do well in his courses, even though the courses are hard. Plus, both of these professors have creative, and practical approaches to their exams.

What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

During the warmer period of the year, the Valley is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the stream of water that flows through. It’s a serene place where I like to go with my friends and just catch up. Just waddling in the mixture of chilly-warm water is so soothing. 

Why did you decide to come to U of T Scarborough?

When I came to UTSC, I got this feeling of coziness and everyone looked so friendly that I realized that this is the place I wanted to be at! Moreover, speaking from an academic perspective, UTSC has the best Neuroscience program because it allows the students to be able to divulge into the many streams of Neuroscience and thoroughly understand them. But generally, UTSC is such a diverse place where you meet people from so many different backgrounds and everyone is so welcoming, that I feel right at home. 

Why did you decide to become an SRA?

Ever since first year, I got this Student Ambassadors pamphlet and I realized I wanted to be a part of this group. Because my transition from the high school to UTSC was supported by the SRAs who answered all my questions and guided me when I was nervous, confused and a little anxious, so I decided it’s my time to help the incoming students. Moreover, having volunteered as a Student Ambassador with the Admissions office, I really enjoyed interacting with the students and their families, so I decided why not becoming more active! 

Favourite movie/TV show?

Is it even possible to choose ONE? OK, recently I’ve gotten addicted to Suits, and I love watching the Flash!

Favourite food?

EVERYTHING! But I LOVE pasta and anything sweet and sugary!

If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be?

Get involved and explore! I was nervous and lost in my first year, and I hadn’t realized that there are so many opportunities and ways to get involved. I was too focused on going to my classes and staying on top of the readings and homework, that I hadn’t realized there is more to the university life than just studying.