Teachers and Counsellors

Applying to university can be a big decision. Teachers and counsellors can play a large role in helping students decide which school and program is best suited to their interests and needs.

We value our partnership with secondary school teachers and counsellors. We also rely on you to help reinforce to students the importance of meeting application deadlines and submitting the appropriate documents when required. 

Information regarding 2018-2019 application cycle dates and other important information has been provided by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). The relevant application deadlines for the University of Toronto Scarborough can be found on the Dates & Deadlines page.

Important Information about the Concurrent Teacher Education Program at the University of Toronto

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has introduced a new teacher education model that increases the number of required semesters of study from two to four. Under the old model, the University of Toronto’s CTEP program integrated a four-year honours degree with the equivalent of two semesters of teacher education.

As a result of the new MTCU requirements, the U of T will no longer be admitting students into this program, beginning Fall 2014. Any students currently in the program will be able to continue towards their degree as planned and we are working on new options for students interested in teacher education at U of T. These are expected to be announced early in 2014. If you have any questions, please contact us.

CTEP Program Update (April 2014)

The University of Toronto will not admit high school students to CTEP in 2015. OISE will continue to offer teacher education at U of T. The curriculum changes for teacher education (eight semesters) are still under discussion with the MTCU. Until the revised curriculum is set, it is impossible to know if integration with an undergraduate program will allow CTEP to return.

Student and guidance counsellor talking at a desk

Guidance Counsellor Day

Our annual Guidance Counsellor Day encourages local guidance counsellors to learn more about our campus and programs, take part in professional development, and get the answers they need to support future learners.

Students having a discussing in the Insturctional Centre

Counsellor Resources

When students are applying to U of T Scarborough, they may have questions about the University, admissions and other supports. Here are some resources to help you guide your students to find the answers they need.

Recruitment Team

School Visits

Thank you for your interest in hosting the University of Toronto at your high school. Keep in mind that U of T Scarborough recruiters represent ALL U of T campuses, there is no need to book representatives from other U of T campuses.

Contact a Recruiter

The Recruitment Services team at U of T Scarborough can provide you with valuable information to help your students make an informed choice about studying at U of T.