students in anthropology lab

Program Summary

Anthropology is the study of humankind, dealing with the origin, development and nature of humans and their culture. As such, it is concerned with human phenomena in the widest possible terms, both biological and cultural. It differs from other social sciences in its comparative and historical approach, and in its intimate links with both the natural sciences and the humanities.

In the Socio-Cultural Anthropology Stream (BA), explore the common factors underlying human existence, and what influences social change and differences between people and cultures around the world. In the Evolutionary Anthropology Stream (BSc), understand how humans are related to non-hominid primates, changes in human behaviour and physiology, and what has influenced our transformation into Homo sapiens sapiens.

Program Details

Degree Offered: Honours Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Science
Offered as Co-op: No
Program Options: Major / Minor / Specialist

Program Admissions

Admissions Category: Social Sciences & Humanities
Supplementary Application Form Required: No
Admission Prerequisites: English
Approximate Grade Requirements: Mid 70s (Non Co-op)
OUAC Application Code: TUD

Student Experience

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