History; Mental Health Studies

About Me: 

Favourite Course at UTSC

HISC40: Canada and the World. In this course I found what I want to spend my future studies focusing on. I knew for a while I wanted to do graduate studies but for the longest time had no idea for what. Going into this course my plans were mostly clinical neuroscience or something similar. Leaving that course, I now want to pursue history as a grad program with an interest in the Anglo-American Triangle and its impact on British-Canadian relations.

Favourite Professor at UTSC

There are so many great professors at UTSC but I would have to choose Jeffrey Piltcher. He represents UTSC as a whole in his teaching style. He is very interactive with his students, and his enthusiasm for his field is contagious.

Favourite place on campus

The couches by the meeting place, across from Copy Kats.

Why did you decide to attend UTSC?

Well, the simple answer is that this is the only university in Canada that offered a Bachelors of Science in the specific field I was interested in, Mental Health Studies. But there are many places that offer a general psychology degree and I could focus on the clinical side, so why here? Honestly, it is because I felt at home here.

Why did you decide to become a Student Recruitment Assistant?

I have been volunteering with the department for about 3 years and this seemed like the logical next step to continue on helping out potential students with their transition from secondary school to university. Also in that 3 years I have got to know bits of the team and by working in the office I get to meet more great people show share the same enthusiasm for helping potential students.

Favourite movie or TV show?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Favourite food?

My favourite food is the edible kind. ;)

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year self, what would it be?

Do not limit yourself to just the lecture halls, UTSC and university in general is a diverse place with so much more than academics. This is the time that you will be the most memorable for you and will define your university career.