Statistics; Computer Science

About Me: 

What’s your favourite course at U of T Scarborough and why?

GGRA30 (Geographic Information Systems (GIS)) is my favourite course so far! Going into the course expecting it to be like any other elective, the course turned out to relate more to my program of study. Learning about how the growing technology is contributing geographically from helping in location mapping, and GPS tracking, to how we use GIS in our everyday lives to get live traffic and transit updates. We learnt the various ways data is gathered and stored, and efficient ways of processing and handling data which was closely related to what we would do in Statistics. Looking back, I took away a lot from the course as a lot of what GIS taught me is being applied in a C-level Statistics course that I’m currently doing. The Geography course really opened another field of interest for me, and contributed to my knowledge of the applications of Statistics in the real world. 

Who’s your favourite professor at U of T Scarborough and why?

Mr. Brian Harrington is the best professor that I could ever have. He makes the class so interesting, welcoming and casual that you wouldn't want to miss his class. He explains the materials in a way that'll remain in the back of your mind. Being a past UTSC student, he understands the pressure and stress that students go through and tries his best to make his course as easy and less stressful that he could. And the best part, he's an open, understanding and caring person making him the best person to talk to about anything to everything you want.

What's your favourite spot on campus and why?

My favourite place on campus must be the H-wing patio or the Valley. Just the feel of sitting outside surrounded with the greenery and flowers gives me a sense of relief from all the stress. Being around the creek down in the Valley and nature makes you forget all the assignments, exams, marks and meeting deadlines tensions for some time; which otherwise become your never to leave best friend as soon as you become a university student. Spending time outside while taking in the nature, hearing the birds chirp and water flow by the creek is my favourite go to retreat from all the university's busy life.

Why did you decide to attend U of T Scarborough?

The close-knit community, the feel of warmth, and inclusiveness that I received after my first campus tour is what made me feel that UTSC is THE place for me. The diversity around the campus where you see different people from different walks of life makes you feel as one among them. Till date, I have met so many different people, and made such amazing friends that I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to if I was elsewhere. As hard as university sounds in first year, being at UTSC just made it easier, and proved all my fears wrong.

Why did you decide to become an SRA?

Being a fresher, I felt the same mixed feeling of excitement of starting university, nervousness of being in a new environment, fear and anxiety if I would be able to make it to university and praying for nothing to go wrong. I was a student who would fear for something to go wrong and would have to make sure every single time that everything’s going well. Going through all that and getting all the help and assurance from everyone who was involved in making my transition into university much smoother than I thought, made me decide to become an SRA. I wanted to give back the same help and support that I was provided with, to the incoming students and make them feel at ease.

Favourite movie or TV show?

Lots to choose from, some of them would be Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and Stranger Things

Favourite food?

Anything from the Middle Eastern or South Asian cuisine

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year self, what would it be?

My one-piece of advice to my first-year self would be to STOP lazing around and complete your work on time rather than complaining and regretting that you should have started earlier. Listen and heed to older students advises of scheduling and balancing your time than procrastinating everything to "tomorrow", which will never come. DON"T PROCRASTINATE!