What’s your favourite course at UTSC and why?

My favourite course at UTSC is syntax. It requires a lot of thinking and logic to figure out the sentence structures in languages and I enjoy solving the questions with my peers.


Who’s your favourite professor at UTSC and why?

My favourite professor at UTSC is Professor Juvinal. He is my syntax professor and I really like the way he taught the lecture. He organizes the course material very well and he is a very nice professor.


What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

My favourite spot on campus is Market Place where I am able to chill with my friends and grab something nice for meals.


Why did you decide to come to UTSC?

UTSC is a unique campus with a lot of resources and it also provides other ways for students from other countries to apply. I came to UTSC via Fair Taiwan Program which provides and alternative way for students back in Taiwan to apply to one of the top universities in the world and I really find UTSC a great place to stay and learn.


Why did you decide to become an SRA?

I decided to become SRA because I want to share information about our campus to students back in Taiwan and hopefully they will get the chance to study abroad in this wonderful place.


Favourite movie/show?

I like all the movies from Disney. My favourite one is Toy Story.


Favourite food?

My favourite food is hotpot which warms me up in the cold winter in Canada.


If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be?

Do not waste time and embrace any chance that comes to you.