Co-op Management; International Business

About Me: 

What’s your favourite course at U of T Scarborough and why?

As of right now, I have two courses that are on the top of my list. One of them being MGAB02 (Introductory Financial Accounting II). I am really interested in the accounting field and I knew that this course was going to be difficult, but Professor Liang Chen made the content much more interesting and simple to understand. I am definitely looking forward to other accounting courses in the future. My other favourite course is MDSA01 (Introduction to Media Studies) with Professor Gray Graffam. Being a movie lover myself, I was interested on how real world situations influence the content in media and how media now influences the world. It basically goes into one continuous loop!

Who’s your favourite professor at U of T Scarborough and why?

Throughout the past year that I’ve been at UTSC, I had some pretty great professors. Honestly, I can’t choose a favourite but so far, I have had a fun classroom experience in Professor Tarun Dewan’s, Professor Jeffrey Pilcher’s and Professor Gray Graffam’s courses. These professors really showcased their passion within the subject and taught the content in a really interesting way. With these courses and their teaching styles, I am able to relate the content to my everyday life.

What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

Being a Management student, my favourite spot on campus is the IC Atrium! It’s where many of my friends and I hang out and I often meet new students in the atrium. Also, being an executive on two management clubs, we usually hold booth hours in the atrium where I get to meet students who are interested in the clubs’ events.

Why did you decide to come to U of T Scarborough?

As one of the oldest in even my extended family, I didn’t have much mentorship when entering university and I didn’t know what to expect in my post-secondary studies. When I first walked into UTSC on Fall Campus Day, I could already feel the support from the upper year students and their willingness to guide my family and I through campus while answering important questions. I knew from that moment that I would receive the support that I needed and even as a second-year student, I still have mentorship to guide me throughout my entire undergrad.

I was also really interested in my program. With a specialist in International Business, I’m able to find a common ground between my interests in business (specifically accounting) and learning about different cultures. I would also gain the experience I need for post-graduation through co-op work terms (domestic and international) and an international study term!

Why did you decide to become an SRA?

I wanted to become an SRA because I recognized that I could help students to have a better understanding of university and UTSC. When I was in my final year of high school, I definitely had a lot going on in my life and the application process to university was something I often worried about. Being an SRA, I am able to provide ease to prospective students by providing them and their families with important admission information and by sharing my experience with the school. As a UTSC student, I really enjoyed my experience so far and I want to showcase what University of Toronto, specifically the Scarborough campus, has to offer.

Favourite movie/TV show?

I can’t even pick my favourite movie since my preference really depends on my mood. For TV shows, I’m hooked on Riverdale, Quantico, HTGAWM, Jane the Virgin and Friends!

Favourite food?

This is definitely the hardest question of them all! I probably wouldn’t pick a favourite food but my favourite cuisine is Asian food.

If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be?

Remember to be proud of yourself and where you are right now. There were some hardships in first year, especially with the high school to university transition. Studying at University of Toronto was definitely one of my goals when I first came to Canada, so regardless of the hardships that I faced and will continue to face within my undergrad, I need to continuously remember that I accomplished one of my largest goals and that I need to be proud of myself for that.