Neuroscience Specialist, Music & Culture Minor

Why did you decide to come to U of T Scarborough?  
During the Open House that I attended, I really liked how much U of T Scarborough seemed to emphasize the community aspect of the campus. The programs at U of T Scarborough also fit much better with what I wanted out of my undergraduate degree. Plus, I was looking for a campus that specifically had co-op in my specialist program, Neuroscience. The smaller class sizes were a shining point to me as well. It was also nice for my parents since it was close to where I lived. 

What’s the best part of your program?
For my specialist program, I think the sheer existence of a Neuroscience undergraduate degree is quite remarkable in it itself. This is because, at the time when I was applying to universities, the schools I looked at either only offered neuroscience as a graduate degree, didn't offer neuroscience at all, or had neuroscience but didn't have the other stuff I was personally looking for in my minor program (Music). With co-op on top of all these checked boxes, I was pretty sold.

What campus activities are you involved in? 
I think I may be in too many things! Currently I am part of BioSA (Biology Student Association), SYNAPSE (neuroscience club on campus), U of T Scarborough's Jack.org chapter, and Egouts de Paris (a musical club on campus). I am also currently a Residence Advisor (RA) on campus and, of course, a Student Recruitment Assistant (SRA)!

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I don't think I do anything particularly interesting in my spare time. I mostly noodle around the Internet, watching videos I find entertaining. I also love listening to music and, on occasion, singing! Since I am an RA, most of my time is spent on campus. Thus, I also spend quite some time just walking around campus, sometimes exploring the Valley Land Trail. Sometimes I explore campus and the surrounding area with my other friends on Residence as well.

If you could give one piece of advice to your first-year self, what would it be?  
Slow down and smell the flowers! Not everything is about completing your degree in record time, or self-imploding if you didn't get the marks you wanted. Enjoy your time on campus, laugh with your friends, resolve conflicts and just immerse yourself in the moment. You won't be an undergraduate student forever!