What’s your favourite course at UTSC and why? 

I absolutely loved GGRB03 – Writing Geography. The reason I enjoyed this course so much was because it provided me with many skills that I have used throughout all of my studies. Professor El-Hadi allowed us to explore a multitude of different writing styles and editing formats, while also grounding the course in a geographical context.  


Who’s your favourite professor at UTSC and why? 

My favourite professor is probably Professor Ekers. He taught my first class at U of T Scarborough and I knew straight away I was studying the right program! His approach to geography was lively and engaging while also making sure it wasn’t too daunting for all of us first-years who had never taken a university class before.  


What’s your favourite spot on campus and why? 

I would say our gym - The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). It’s such an amazing facility and there are so many classes and activities you can do there as a student. I find it nice to go there during my study breaks to let out some energy and refocus. I also enjoy studying there, since you can do your readings and classwork using the screens on most of the cardio equipment.  


Why did you decide to come to UTSC? 

As an international student, I didn’t know much about the different universities around Canada, however, I was certain that I wanted to attend the best! This is largely why I chose the University of Toronto. The reason I decided to come to the Scarborough campus was actually due to my experience on a campus tour. There seemed to be a real sense of community and support that I knew would be important to me, as well as having the beautiful valley and sporting facilities. 


Why did you decide to become an SRA? 

I started as a Student Ambassador and tour guide during my first and second year which I absolutely loved! So, when the opportunity to make more of an impact and help prospective students came up, I couldn’t say no! I wanted to give back the same help and support that was given to me. The transition to university can be a difficult and confusing process, so the idea of being able to help prospective students and their families navigate this time was a no-brainer for me.   


Favourite movie/TV show? 

I don’t have a favourite TV show or movie, but I really like Suits and Friends!  


Favourite food? 

Definitely pizza or anything Mexican!  


If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be? 

Go to EVERY class and tutorial! Participation matters! Besides that, I would just say to enjoy every minute. University can be incredibly stressful at times, but it’s something you likely only get to experience once. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my best friends while studying here and have some unforgettable memories. There are so many amazing experiences that sometimes go unnoticed and we don’t fully appreciate them while they’re happening. So, essentially, enjoy the whole experience!