What’s your favourite course at UTSC and why?

I really liked Edible History! It’s a course that explores history from the perspective of food and cooking in different countries all around the world. We got to cook new dishes every week at tutorials. We also got to cook curry for our midterm in a pop-up restaurant on campus! 


Who’s your favourite professor at UTSC and why? 

Professor Daniel Tysdal, who teaches a variety of Creative Writing courses in the English department at UTSC. He really takes time to get to know his students. He’s a great guy to talk to about books, movies, anything! His office is also covered in movie posters. You could walk in there a hundred times and still not notice every poster! 


What’s your favourite spot on campus and why? 

Highland Hall the building that just finished construction last year! It’s a great building if students are ever looking for extra study space. It also has a nice little coffee shop and comfortable couches that are great for discussing group projects or just hanging out! 


Why did you decide to come to UTSC? 

I loved the small community and the friendly staff and volunteers at March Showcase! The volunteers at this open house event were made up of current UTSC students who could speak to their positive experiences. Everyone was so welcoming. I also enjoyed the nature that surrounded the campus, which really made it unique. 


Why did you decide to become an SRA? 

I really wish I knew about SRAs when I was in high school. I think it’s great that UTSC has students who are able to answer questions based on their own experiences. I wanted to give students the help and advice I didn’t know was available back then. 


Favourite movie/TV show? 

My favorite movie is either Captain America: Civil War or Avengers: Endgame. I’m a huge Marvel nerd and I’m really excited to see what comes next in the MCU. My favorite TV show is Lucifer! I binge watched all four seasons in about a week... 


Favourite food? 

A nice big bowl of noodle soup! Basically anything my mom makes. 


If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be? 

Don’t feel pressured to decide what you’re going to do with your life right away! My plans for my future have changed drastically since first year, and university is all about exploring what you like and which path to choose!