Application deadline dates for entry in 2019:

Admissions Category Ontario (101) Applicants Non-Ontario (105D) and International (105F) Applicants Document Deadline*

Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Co-op Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Co-op French
Co-op International Development Studies
Co-op Life Sciences
Co-op Management
Co-op Management & International Business
Co-op Physical and Environmental Sciences
Co-op Psychological & Health Sciences
Co-op Social Sciences & Humanities
Double Degree in Management & Finance (BBA) and Statistics — Quantitative Finance Stream (BSc)
Life Sciences
Physical & Environmental Sciences
Psychological & Health Sciences
Social Sciences & Humanities
Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management and Media

January 16, 2019 January 16, 2019 February 1, 2019

*If your documents arrive after the document deadline, we will continue to review your application, space permitting. No further offers of admission can be made once a program reaches its enrolment capacity. You can find a personalized list of documents required for your application through your JOIN U of T portal.


Other application deadline dates for entry in 2019:

Type of Application To Learn More Deadline

Part-Time Degree Studies

Summer entry: January 16, 2019
Fall entry: January 16, 2019

Non-Degree Studies

Summer entry: January 16, 2019
Fall entry: June 2, 2019

Visiting Students on a Letter of Permission (LOP)

Other Important Dates

Late September

The 101, 105D and 105F online applications for Fall 2019 will be available on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre website. Check with your high school guidance counsellor for details and assistance.

Early November

A few scholarships requiring an application have their deadlines in early-November.

November 1

Recommended application deadline for 105D and international 105F applications on OUAC.


The first round of admissions offers are made. Keep in mind that only a very small percentage of students will receive their offer during this phase.

NOTE: For applications to programs requiring a Supplementary Application Form received after January 16, 2019, the deadline to submit is three weeks from the date of the applicants’ acknowledgement email.

February 1

Recommended deadline to submit your UTAPS application so that you can be considered many need-based admission awards. If you're applying for OSAP, no need to apply for UTAPS, you're automatically considered!

February 17

Deadline to submit an application for the Awards Profile to be considered for U of T scholarships and awards. The Awards Profile can be found on the Join U of T website.


A few scholarships requiring an application have their deadlines in March.

The second round of admission offers are made. Most students will receive their offer (or an alternate offer) during this phase.

March 31

Deadline to qualify for the residence guarantee. Complete the MyRes application form soon because after this date, residence may not be guaranteed.


The final round of admission offers are made. After this round, we continue to make offers to qualified students on a rolling basis.

June 1

For Ontario (101) applicants, the last date by which you must select a university offer to accept on OUAC.


Ontario Universities' Application Centre

The OUAC processes applications for admissions to the province’s universities, including the U of T