Combined Environmental Science & Professional Master of Engineering

The world needs a new kind of professional to develop solutions to challenges such as climate control, natural resources management, and ecosystems maintenance. This program combines a solid foundation in Environmental Science academic disciplines with advanced training in Civil or Chemical Engineering. Successful graduates earn a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Toronto, all in five years.

UTSC Program Options

To be admissible, you must select either the Co-op, Specialist, or Major options available for the following programs at UTSC.

  • Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Environmental Physics

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Chemistry MEng programs

Depending on which UTSC program you select, it will determine which MEng programs you can select.

  • Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering

Admission Requirements

Full admission requirements is available on the UTSC Calendar.

Program Path

  • Years 1-3: BSc requirements
  • Year 4: BSc requirements (including two Faculty of Engineering & Applied Chemistry¬†undergraduate half courses and up to 1.0 credit of MEng requirements)
  • Year 5: MEng remaining requirements