Canadian Post-Secondary

Continue your education with U of T Scarborough — we welcome transfer students from other post-secondary institutions.

Whether you are coming from a college or university, it’s a good idea to review the programs available at U of T Scarborough and their requirements.

For more information about transfer credits, visit the Transfer Credit section.

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Centennial College Pathway

The Liberal Arts to U of T Scarborough Pathway is designed to help qualified Centennial College students interested in pursuing studies at U of T transition smoothly from diploma to degree, earning both in as little as four years.

Seneca College Pathway

We actively recognize the academic work completed by college students by facilitating an smooth transition to university study through a transfer agreements with various colleges.

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College Applicant

More information about applying as an Ontario College of Arts & Applied Technology (CAAT) student

Creative Writing lecture with Professor Westoll

University Applicant

More information about transferring from another U of T campus (e.g. St. George, Mississauga) or another university