What’s your favourite course at UTSC and why?

My favourite course at UTSC is Introduction to Cinema (ENGB70) because I am a high visual learner, I like English and I love movies! This course was perfect for me because it enhanced my interests of watching movies in ways I never knew existed. This course teaches you to closely analyze films from all genres and different eras to look for key aspects of how a movie is filmed to behind the camera work and why they do close-ups or zoom-ins on a person or object within the film. What significance does it have with the story? I learned specific film lingo and increased my knowledge of how I understand watching movies intently and closely. I can’t stop noticing the small details and camerawork when I watch a scene! What I learned in this class; all the information is embedded in my brain. I wish to take this course again!   


Who’s your favourite professor at UTSC and why?

My favourite professor’s name is Maria Assif. She is an English professor that has taught me in my first few years at UTSC. She is not just a professor that I adore and cherish, but she also is like family to me. Even after we parted ways and she was no longer my professor for my future courses, we kept in touch and kept each other updated in our personal lives. She looks out for me and wishes for my success in my academics and personal life. A professor who goes out of her way to make sure a student is doing well outside of the teacher-student relationship shows the dedication and love she has for her student as if it were her own child. She gave me advice on how to better cope with the issues I have at home and prays for me daily. Not just me, but to her all her former students, she wishes nothing but the best for us.     


What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

My favourite spot on campus is the Meeting Place in the Science Wing building because whenever I go to that building on campus, there’s always something on in that area. Whether it’d be culture holiday events, performances, parties, club events or movie filming; that side of the campus is always wild, and I love it! You never know what to expect!   


Why did you decide to come to UTSC?

I came to UTSC because I was intrigued by how knowledgeable my campus tour guide was about the campus. She let us explore the classrooms and experience a day in the life of a UTSC student. I had so much fun and I enjoyed the small environment. It’s cozy and not overwhelming. I saw my future here based on the tour I was given. I even thought: “Wow, I want to be her when I grow up! I want to become a tour guide too!” Till this day, I still remember her name and I was surprised at how she knew me before I spoke. It’s because she and I used to go to the same elementary school together and we reunited 20 years later. That was a very memorable moment I won’t forget.  I also love how the professors here don’t just treat you like an academic student, but as a true friend. They care for your overall well-being and mental health. They check up on you periodically asking if you are doing ok or if you need extra time to finish an assignment because of a personal emergency or illness. Although it may be last-minute or sudden, they still weigh out the situation and make up a decision that best benefits the student.  


Why did you decide to become an SRA?

I decided to become an SRA because I want to act as a steppingstone to all high school students and current university students when they apply to UTSC. I want to continue being their support pillar in easing their anxieties about starting university and application process. Once they are admitted in the school, I want to see them succeed well given all the prior help to prepare them for university life. I want to advocate for students and stand for what I love: receiving education and that everyone deserves one.  


Favourite movie/TV show?

Criminal Minds. I really love the format of this show because it’s been running for 14 seasons and a 15th season is coming this year to tie it all off. The fact that this is not just an entertainment-only TV series and it gets the viewers to guess along with the characters is great! Being a profiler is what I wished to become when I was younger because such people are so detail-oriented within their professions and it’s always so bone-chilling to see them be so accurate in guessing who the suspect is. All the characteristics of a profiler, I want to have them as my own skills when I work in the office. Reading students’ body language and feeling the feelings that they are experiencing is an advantage for me so that I can best be prepared to see what the root for their anxieties is.   


Favourite food?

Everything seafood! Anything from sushi to raw oysters and cold shrimp platters.  


If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be? 

If I look back and could meet my first-year self again, I’d say to them that it’s ok to start off slower than other students. It’s not a race to see who finishes first. I’d say that it’d be okay to not finish school in four years and that you can take as much time as you need. There is no rush and there was never any pressure to begin with. Finish at your own pace and be comfortable.