Update on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Please read the Departmental Chair's update on Anti-Racism Efforts below.


📌 Spring 2021 ACM Chair's Update on Anti-Racism Efforts

📌 ACM Chair's Statement on Anti-Asian Racism, March 2021

📌 Fall 2021 ACM Chair's Update on Anti-Racism Efforts

Stay tuned for more updates which will be uploaded in the beginning of each school term.



Did you know we have a Equity, Diversity in the Arts (EDA) Initiative that promotes diversity of all kinds.

We have open call for submissions that provide grants to ACM faculty and student for artist and scholar residencies, research projects, creative projects, field placements, exhibitions, performance, and targeted support for courses and events. It aims to increase understanding across difference, to challenge social and institutional barriers to equity, and to empower faculty and students to champion diversity in their artistic and scholarly pursuits.

Click here to learn more about our EDA initiative.