This Uke's for U-TSC Ukulele Drop-In Sessions

Beginners learning to play ukuleles

Updated August 22, 2023

This Uke's for U-TSC (and Friends)

Weekly drop-in and online sessions for Fall 2023 will begin on September 6th! New members are always welcome! Sign up to attend on

In-person session
Wednesdays 12pm-1pm, AA303

Online session
Thursdays 12pm-1pm, Zoom

Join us by registering on CLNX

Public members do not need to sign up. Questions? Please contact

Steps to sign up: Log in to > Events and Workshops > UTSC Scarborough > Arts, Culture and Media > Event on calendar

This Uke's for U-TSC is an interactive music-making session for ukulele players of all ages and levels of experience. We play a wide selection of musical genres (e.g.: pop, folk, rock, etc), and learn new skills and playing techniques in fun and supportive ways.

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