Studio Student Exhibition: Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions

Annual ACM Studio Student Exhibition  

Installation:  Tuesday March 5, 2018 9:30am to 7pm

De-install: G1265 Friday March 8, 5pm; AA3rd floor, Monday March 10, 5pm

 (Submission forms can be filled out on line:

or FB, Twitter, Instagram @ utscarts.)


Your work will be assigned a specific location for installation in either AA 3rd floor, the Grad Studio (AA319), or Gallery 1265. Look for your name on a list that will be posted in the area.


There will be a faculty member and/or student volunteer in every location if you need help.


YOU MUST BRING EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO INSTALL YOUR WORK AND BOOK ANY EQUIPMENT THAT YOU REQUIRE TO PRESENT YOUR WORK including: plinth, shelf, brackets, technical equipment, nails, screws, hammers, hooks, clips, pins, hangers, magnets, level, tape, etc. (You should book equipment promptly as it is in limited supply).


•2D works

Drawing, Painting, Photography, Digital Prints, text-based, etc.

Will be assigned either wall or floor space as required.


•3D works

 Sculpture (all scales), bookworks, kinetics, installations

Will be assigned either wall or floor space as required.


•Video & Animation

Videos/animations will be assigned a monitor or projector, while they last, or put on a reel. Test your file on equipment to make sure it PLAYS, see Alan (AA313) before the Tuesday install day.  File requirements:


Submit each video file on a separate USB flash drive & LABEL with your NAME.

·         Finish your video with 3 seconds of black leader, a title clip, and author/end credits.

·         Export your file as a MP4 file using the H.264 export settings

·         Format: H.264

·         Preset: Match Source - High Bitrate

·         Output Name: rename your file and target it to the appropriate folder

·         Check Export Video/Export Audio (if you have a soundtrack)

·         Audio Codec: AAC 4800Hz

·         Basic Video Settings: Match Source

·         Leave all other boxes unchecked


•Digital Audio works

Sound files should be submitted in MP3 or WAV or AIFF format on a USB flashdrive; or if you have special installation requirements you should book your equipment yourself and bring it with you for installation.



Please designate location, time, and duration of performance between 1pm — 4pm.


Please note that when you take your work down, make sure that you patch any holes.


Best of luck!