The Equity-Based Classroom: Moving beyond Allyship 

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The Equity-Based Classroom: Moving beyond Allyship 

February 20th - 21st, 2024 
Catalyst Center & EV 140 @ UTSC 
Registration will open soon

This two-day symposium will include anti-oppression training and development for University of Toronto staff, faculty, Librarians, Postdoctoral and Graduate students. With a focus specifically on arts curriculum, the symposium will provide space for workshops, presentations, and discussion on building decolonial and anti-racist student learning environments, offering a space to challenge thinking and to broaden perspectives towards new pedagogical futures. 

Our program will include three key segments: 

Radical Solidarity in the Workplace - Anti-oppression training with a specialized Facilitator focusing on Social Justice and Liberation. 

Disrupting the Collection - Panel of experts focusing on how various voices get represented in post-secondary Libraries and Archives, and how these decisions apply to experiential teaching and learning within the arts curriculum. 

Confronting Racism in the Classroom - Workshops sharing practices and tools on decolonizing the classroom.