EDA - Call for Faculty Proposals

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EDA Equity and Diversity in the Arts

Call for Faculty Projects

Winter 2020

Proposal deadline: Monday, November 18, 2019

The EDA Committee in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is looking for proposals from individual faculty or from faculty groups for funding to support activities that further the aims of EDA.

EDA Mandate and Background

EDA is an initiative of ACM at UTSC. EDA’s mandate is to promote diversity of all kinds, including diversities of race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or identity, age, ability or disability, religion and aesthetic or traditions of practice. By helping to fund a variety of activities, EDA aims to increase understanding across difference, to challenge social and institutional barriers to equity, and to champion diversity in the arts. The available funds are generated by a long-standing endowment, set up through a partnership between the Federal Government and the University of Toronto. A continuing and important element of these funds is the provision of placement bursaries for Arts Management students. In addition, these funds have been used to support a variety of activities initiated by faculty, including performances both on and off campus, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, research projects and the dissemination of the resulting information, and publication support.

Eligible Projects and Grant Amount

Eligible projects include faculty performances, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, research projects and publication. The maximum grant request for Faculty Projects in this round of funding is $2,000.

Project funds must be spent by April 1, 2020.

2019-2020 EDA Committee

Yael Brotman (ACM Faculty), Elliott Leffler (ACM Faculty), Lynn Tucker (ACM Faculty, EDA Chair), Sherry Yu (ACM Faculty), Angela Tran (ACM Communications), and Manolo Lugo (ACM Programming and Events), and a student representative will evaluate proposals and make recommendations for funding to the ACM Chair.

Proposal Materials

  1. A 1 to 2 page rationale and plan for the proposed activity. Please make clear the connection of the proposed activity to the EDA mandate. The committee is looking for elements in the proposal that show clearly articulated and unique attempts to open up or broaden dialogue and communications with under-represented groups. Also provide a brief explanation of how the success of the activity might be measured.
  2. A detailed, 1-page balanced budget with the amount requested from EDA, other funding sources, and project expenses. Please consult in advance with the ACM Programming Coordinator (acm-pec@utsc.utoronto.ca) for accurate budgeting of catering/hospitality and travel/accommodation.


Amount requested from EDA:              

Important: Make sure your budget is balanced.




EDA Faculty Project Grant



Any additional funding sources










E.g. Research assistant


E.g. Proposed $17-18 hourly rate (T4 income, plus 4% vacation and 10% benefits), 100 hours per student, 10 hours per week, 10 weeks of work.

E.g. Speaker fee


Consult ACM Programming Coordinator for standard speaker fee

E.g. Travel cost


E.g. return flight from Vancouver

E.g. Hospitality


Consult ACM Programming Coordinator UTSC catering costs



Make sure your budget is balanced.

  1. CVs and support material for collaborators or guests involved in the project
  2. If your project involves research or field work that involves human subjects a completed UTSC Ethics Review Board approval is required. Note that funds will be released contingent on ethics board approval.

Proposal Submission Details

  • Deadline: Monday November 18, 2019 at 5pm
  • Please combine your proposal materials into a single PDF.
  • Please label your PDF in the following way: “EDAFacultyProposal_LastName_FirstName”
  • Submit proposal to eda@utsc.utoronto.ca with the subject heading “LastName FirstName EDA Faculty Proposal”

Final Report

Successful applicants will be expected to submit a Final Report after the completion of their event/project, or after grant funds have been spent.