Alejandro Paz

Alejandro Paz
Assistant Professor
Media Studies


Alejandro Paz studies Latin American labour migrants in Israel. To date, his research on these non-Jewish migrants and their offspring has focused broadly on the transformations to language in the process of immigration to a nation-state and examines language use in domestic settings, institutions of socialization (such as schools) and through small and mass media. Paz is currently a PhD candidate in anthropology and linguistics at the University of Chicago. "Research is an opportunity to bring interesting case studies to bear in large scale debates that are occurring not only in academia, but more generally throughout the public sphere," he explained. His article "The Circulation of Chisme and Rumor: Gossip, Evidentiality and Authority in the Perspective of Latino Labor Migrants in Israel" won the Sapir Graduate Student Paper Prize in Linguistic Anthropology, and is appearing in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology (2009). Paz says he "enjoys working closely with students on cases and showing them how the theory covered in class provides a relevant analytical framework." As he continues to consider the effects of the circulation of people and discourse on language, he will begin observing how certain sites have become central to the effects of English on Hebrew, the national language of Israel.


BA, MA, PhD (Chicago)

Research Interests: 

Language and ethnicity; Media and publics; Translation and mediation; Israel in the Middle East