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ACM Undergraduate Research Symposium

ACM Undergraduate Research Symposium banner

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media presents the ACM Undergraduate Research Symposium

Event date: Monday, March 16, 2021 | 9 am - 3 pm | AA160


All are welcome to attend.

Each term our brilliant students engage in research-related activities for their ACM programs.The ACM Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates and highlights the research that our students have done across all programs at ACM, by offering students a platform to present their learning to a larger audience.

The primary purpose of this symposium would be to:
· Provide our students with a platform that allows them to discuss/present their research/project with their peers
· Build a community of research that extends beyond their year of study by inviting first/second year students to participate as audience members
· Opening the possibility of engaging in interdisciplinary learning across and beyond ACM


Name Program of Study Title Time
Eric Slyfield  Media Studies and Studio Art Social Sound Systems 9:10
Anastasiya Gordiychuk  Journalism Comparing Coverage of Immigration Issues in Mainstream and Ethnic Media 9:30
Vickie Kan New Media Studies, Media Studies and Psychology Breaking the Norm 9:50
Maria Patricia Abuel  Studio Art Reclaiming my Body Through Performance 10:10
Eva Wissting English and Creative Writing Waiting for Hope in Sarajevo 10:45
Annie Sahagian Media Studies and Human Biology The Political Economy of Social Media Apps 11:05
Sylvie Stojanovski Arts Management and Studio Art ARTRE/CESS: Unlocking the Keys to Artrepreneurial Success 11:25
Jiaqi Yuan Studio Art Kinectic Sculpture: The Treatment of A Social Object As a Living Being 1:00
Beenish Shahab Studio Art and New Media Studies For Whose Honour? 1:20
Ujwal Mantha Studio Art and Sociology The Visual Sociological Dictionary 1:40