ACM Mentors 2022-2023

ACM Mentors 2022-2023

ACM Mentors Program

The Mentors program within ACM Engage is a way for us to make Arts, Culture and Media’s programming and culture accessible to our incoming new students. We’d like to ensure that there’s a community of support among all ACM students.

Meet the ACM mentors representing ACM programs:

  1. Art History and Visual Culture – Dan Pham
  2. Arts Management – Jack Zhao
  3. Journalism – Rodrigo Aguirre
  4. Media, Journalism, and Digital Cultures/New Media – Arthur Hamdani & Xingyuan Wu
  5. Music and Culture – Colin Boothby
  6. Studio Art – Markle Ning
  7. Theatre and Performance – Gloria Kuang 
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22/23 ACM Mentors
Dan Pham

Program: Art History and Visual Culture

Hi, I am Dan Pham (she/her), and I am in my fourth year pursuing a double major degree in Art History and Visual Culture and Media, Journalism, and Digital Cultures. 

Interesting fact about me:
I love drawing, painting, and enjoying the process of producing artwork. I also had the chance to participate in two exchange programs during my time at UofT. So, if you are interested in spending a semester abroad, come and talk to me.

My advice to incoming students:
To all the first-year students reading this, welcome to UTSC. My advice for you is, although it may be difficult, I highly encourage you to talk to your professors, staff, and classmates whenever you need clarification. Most professors have spent decades in their field, they are usually very eager to share their knowledge or give extra information that they don't have time to include in the lecture. Student services and university resources are here to support you, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Remember, everyone needs help at some point.

Zekai Zhao

Program: Arts Management

Hello! I am Zekai Zhao (he/him) but you can call me Jack. I'm a fourth-year student majoring in Arts and Media Management and Media, Journalism, and Digital Cultures (Journalism Stream).

During my three years at school, I met many outstanding professors and students and completed various case studies. These projects led me to develop an interest in consulting, fighting for artists' rights, and helping arts organizations find sustainable solutions. I will also pursue graduate school to enhance my skills.

As a mentor, I will provide support and introduce the profoundness of university life. My knowledge of academics will help you choose the right program and understand how to select courses. Most importantly, I will teach you how to succeed academically. Moreover, I will provide you with additional resources that will expose you to extracurricular activities offered by ACM, giving you the opportunity to make friends and find your passions.

Rodrigo Huerta Aguirre

Program: Journalism

Hi everyone, my name is Rodrigo Huerta Aguirre, and I am an incoming third-year student specializing in Journalism and minoring in Political Studies. Also, I will be taking the position of Journalism Mentor for Fall and Winter 2022/23.

Interesting fact about me: I’m a huge music enthusiast, and besides discovering new music (regardless of the genre), I practice guitar and piano in my free time. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably watching either a comfort show or a cult film.

A piece of advice for incoming students: First year is a great time to build up your connections and acquire new skills. While I highly recommend getting involved in extracurricular activities on and off-campus (there are tons!), it’s completely fine to advance at your own pace. Academics are your priority, so start easy and don’t be afraid of asking questions. Welcome to UTSC and I’m excited to meet all of you!

Arthur Dennyson Hamdani

Program: Media, Journalism, Digital Cultures/New Media

Hey there! My name is Arthur Dennyson Hamdani and I’m a third-year student from Indonesia. I’m majoring in Media, Journalism, and Digital Culture (Journalism Stream) and double minoring in English Literature and Migration Studies. Outside my classes, I’m a visual artist. I draw, illustrate, and paint both traditionally and digitally. I aim to pursue a career where I bridge photography & illustration with journalism. With my goal to travel, I aim to see diverse places with my own eyes while sharing diverse stories with the rest of the world through many mediums.

Welcome to the university chapter of your life! Remember to make the most of it and don’t be afraid to start that first awkward introduction. Trust me, everyone is equally nervous.

Xingyuan Wu

Program: Media, Journalism, Digital Cultures/New Media

My name is Xingyuan Wu. I’m in my third year and I am a double major in Women’s and Gender Studies and Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures (Media stream). I’m a Chinese international student; I can speak both Chinese, English, and Cantonese. After graduating, I want to apply for a Master of information (Library & Information Science) and the Ontario Institution for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto St. Geroge campus. I think it is important to let my mentees enjoy their life at the University of Toronto, not only in research but also in life. I will introduce multiculturalism to my mentees and encourage them to be confident enough to join different and unique events. The University of Toronto has a positive and welcoming environment for students from different cultural backgrounds and the ability to participate in Toronto's lifestyle and culture. 

Colin Boothby

Program: Music and Culture

Hello! My name is Colin Boothby. I am a fourth-year student pursuing a Specialist in Mental Health Studies and a Minor in Music and Culture. I am deeply passionate about the mental health challenges faced by gifted children and adults, and equally passionate about music - particularly my primary performance instrument, the theremin. I hope to build a fulfilling career in each of these fields! I'm excited to be a Music and Culture Mentor this year as a way of introducing new students to the program and opportunities that helped make my university experience amazing, just as my mentors did for me.


Program: Studio Art

Hi, I’m Markle, and I’m starting my third year this fall in Studio Art & Art Management majors and music minor.

Where I am from: I’m from Wuhan, China. I spent 3 months in quarantine when Covid started and cooked so many dishes that I’d never imagine.

Interests: I’m passionate about film and animation making. I make short film projects and architecture model designs. Another thing that fuels my life is music - I will never stop playing! I like mostly pop, R&B, and traditional ethnic/folk music.

Hobbies: Noodles, ukulele, singing, sketching, swimming, boxing (MMA), dancing, making wired connections/imaginations that brings so much fun

Fun fact about me: I can sing a lot of Hindi songs, and I’ve also watched a lot of Indian movies.

Advice for first years: Make connections, get involved and don’t think too much. If you don’t know, just ask.

Gloria Kuang

Program: Theatre and Performances

I am Gloria Kuang (she/her), currently in my second year of study at UTSC. I am taking a double major in Theatre and Performance and New Media Studies.

I am passionate about the connection between theatre and education, exploring how theatre can make young people’s every day learning a more meaningful experience. I also enjoy creative activities like music production and painting. As an international student, I believe there are infinite possibilities in arts that can showcase our talents and bring our cultures together. It is excited that we can gather in such a diverse place to explore some same interests collectively!

One of my goals as a mentor this year is to get to know more people. I can’t wait to hear from everyone as your participation will make our ACM community a better place. Hope you all have a successful year!