ACM Engage!

ACM Engage! Student Certificate Program. Get involved with ACM!


Student Engagement Certificate Program

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media has many ways for students to build knowledge, skills and make a difference in our communities.

Choose from THREE certificates: Leader, Ambassador and Explorer





WHO is Eligible
  • ACM Workstudy
  • ArtSideOut Executives
  • ARTSA Executives
  • Anyone in an ACM volunteer role
  • All UTSC students
List of roles / events
WHAT is Involved
  • 50 hours of service
  • Orientation
  • 4 training sessions
  • Exit Report
  • 20 hours of services
  • 2 training sessions
  • Exit Survey
  • Attend minimum of 5 events from various ACM disciplines
  • 1 listed off-campus event

We are so pleased to announce that there has been a huge amount of participation in this year's ACM Engage! Program. Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in the program, for the first time ever we are instating an application deadline. If you are still interested in participating in our ACM Engage! Program, please fill out and submit the following Google Form before October 25th!

To apply for the student engagement certificate program plea fill out our Certificate Program form.

If your student group is in need of volunteers please fill out our Volunteer Request form.

Questions? Please contact