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ACM Engage! Student Certificate Program. Get involved with ACM!


Student Engagement Certificate Program

ACM Engage! is a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved certificate program initiated by Department of Arts, Culture, and Media to help students from across U of T Scarborough find opportunities to participate and contribute to the arts, culture and media communities beyond their classroom. Our program encourages students to:

  • Attend multiple arts, culture and media events on campus
  • Volunteer for ACM and related student groups and complete training and workshops
  • Develop leadership and other skills that are helpful in the workplace

Choose from THREE certificates: Leader, Ambassador and Explorer





WHO is Eligible
  • ACM Workstudy
  • ArtSideOut Executives
  • ARTSA Executives
  • Gallery 1265 Executives
  • Anyone in an ACM or related volunteer role

  • eg. ACM Connectors, volunteers with ARTSIDEOUT, LLBT, Gallery 1265

  • All UTSC students
List of roles / events
WHAT is Involved
  • sucessfully complete role
  • Orientation
  • 4 training sessions
  • Exit Report
  • 20 hours of services
  • 2 training sessions
  • Exit Survey
  • Attend minimum of 5 events from various ACM disciplines
  • 1 listed off-campus event

To Track your Progress:

1.  All Engage participants will receive a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month, which will include a listing of all volunteer opportunities, training sessions, and ACM events happening both on and off campus. Off-campus events that aren’t listed in the calendar may also be approved – just check in with us first!

2.  Make sure to sign-up for events in advance and sign-in when you attend. We track at many events, but for events without a sign in area or an off-campus event, please do a selfie check-in and email it to us.

3.  If you work with a student group, be sure to have your supervisor confirm your hours by emailing us.

4.  At the end of each semester, you will receive a Passport Progress Report indicating how close you are towards completing your certificate. Reports can also be processed upon request from our team.

At the end of the program:

When you complete all the requirements and an exit survey, you will receive a certificate and recognition on your CCR! And the best part: WAFFLES. We welcome all participants in the current year to join our ACM Engage! Waffle Brunch and Leadership Forum – a celebration of all students’ achievements in this program and recognition for your contribution to the Arts, Culture, and Media Department. 

To Sign Up:

We require students to sign up on a google form. We ask for their contact info, and which certificate they are signing up for. Applications are now OPEN!

To apply for the student engagement certificate program please fill out our Certificate Program form.

If your student group is in need of volunteers please fill out our Volunteer Request form.

Questions? Please contact


Where are the volunteer opportunities located?

Most volunteer opportunities will be available at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Select opportunities will be off-campus in the coming school year.


Why should I join this program?

There are many benefits to your learning and campus experience by joining ACM Engage! Based on the feedback from previous years, students valued:

  • Making new friends and having fun!
  • New skills learned through getting involved
  • Sense of accomplishment through working with others and earning CCR-approved recognition
  • Soft skills development ie. Working independently, communicating with people, time management


I am entering my first year at UTSC, and I’m not sure if I can qualify to join (and I’m a little scared of meeting new people).

ACM Engage! was created with the intention of bringing people together to make it easier for you to meet and make new life-long friends. It’s the perfect way of learning what ACM is all about and how awesome it is to be a part of our community. Your time, effort, and enthusiasm is needed and much appreciated! We want to meet you and get to know you J


I’m not a part of the Arts, Culture, and Media Department. Can I still join ACM Engage?

Yes! All students at UTSC are welcome to join the certificate program and must apply online. This helps our team to track your involvement and your participation throughout the school year. Here’s a list of programs that our past Engagers have studied:


Art History and Visual Culture


Curatorial Studies

Global Asian Studies

New Media Studies




Health Studies

Political science

Computer Science

Arts Management




Music and Culture

City Studies

Theatre and Performance Studies


Can I participate in more than 1 certificate?

Yes! Please keep in mind that each certificate requires certain hours volunteered, training sessions, or attendance at events.


What is “CCR” and why is this important?

CCR stands for Co-Curricular Record and it’s the University of Toronto’s way of recognizing the activities you do outside of your classes. It helps students make the connection between their involvement and learning when applying for jobs and highlighting skills for future employers or graduate programs. You will be able to print at any point an official validated record of your involvement at U of T.

It’s not mandatory, but it’s a great way to show your work recorded officially by U of T!

To get CCR, you must also activate it separately – please go here to learn more: