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ACM Connects is an exciting initiative in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media that works with students, staff, and faculty to support the departmental academic curriculum and to present a range of artistic, cultural, and scholarly programming each year. Engaging, informative, and unique, most of our events are free and open to everyone: future/current UTSC students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the public. Our activities include:

  • Coordinating workshops inside and outside of the classroom, providing intellectual and creative space for faculty and students to engage with invited guests
  • Building critical and creative connections with local cultural organizations, in order to facilitate fieldwork opportunities for students
  • Providing individualized support and mentorship to students in the field placement stream
  • Facilitating student initiated and student centred research projects relevant to building critical and creative connections primarily to the Eastern GTA


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More about ACM Connects

ACM Connects provides the conduit through which students can access opportunities at the very core of ACM’s research initiatives, fieldwork, and scholarly and artistic programming. As the name states, ACM Connects does just that: it connects faculty members and students from across programs in collaborative efforts and joint opportunities. By providing support for both faculty-led and student-led initiatives, ACM Connects will serve as the common space for communicating and collaborating across the department, while extending critical and creative connections throughout the Eastern GTA, across Canada, and internationally.

ACM Connects will foster meaningful opportunities for students to assist with faculty research and the department’s many scholarly and creative initiatives. It will seek to build the resources and networks necessary for the establishment of immersive learning experiences, ranging from professional workshops and study abroad opportunities to engagement and employment with organizations and practitioners in local communities and beyond. ACM Connects will be a collaboratory and incubator for students, staff and faculty that leverages our location and global connections, supports our strong departmental commitment to the arts in our communities, and fully integrates experiential learning at the undergraduate level into the fabric of the department.


Manolo Lugo
ACM Programming & Events Coordinator 
AA 339
(416) 287-7076

Our events are generously supported by our affinity partners: Manulife, MBNA and TD Insurance