Walking and running trails


That’s the idea behind these routes in and around UTSC, mapped by staff in the Department of Athletics & Recreation. An urban campus on the edge of nature, UTSC and its surrounding environs offer ample opportunities to take a break. Food services will even pack a picnic for those who are ready to explore.

The trails are ideal for walking, running, biking as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Five different routes encompass a variety of terrain and plant life, and present the exceptional scenery and wildlife of Highland Creek. There is something for everyone, and for all skill levels.

The designated paths and interpretive trails take you to points of interest on and near the beautiful UTSC campus. Some paths provide all-weather walking surfaces, wide enough for two people. The unimproved trails are typical of what you would find in many natural areas of this region. You can start on each trail at any point.

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