The Valley Land Trail

Valley trail leadng up to the H-Wing patio.

The Valley Land Trail is now open

The 500m valley trail traverses a 19m drop into the Highland Creek Ravine along a gently sloping walk and connects to the City maintained trail leading to our valley lands. 

The trail is now open for use.  However, short periods of closure can be expected in order for final works to proceed in certain areas.

Trail Safety Rules

  • Enjoy trail at your own risk
  • This unmonitored trail should be used during daylight hours with good visibility 
  • Main portions of the trail is lit by handrail lighting. Unlit portions of the trail (e.g. shorter direct trail with steps) are closed between dusk until dawn
  • Winter maintenance is provided on the main portions of the path. Unmaintained portions of the path are closed for winter
  • No riding bicycles, skateboards, rollerblading on the path. Please dismount and walk.
  • Be tick smart:
    • Apply effective insect repellant and follow label directions
    • Wear light colour pants and long sleeved shirts so you can easily spot ticks
    • Walk in the centre of the trail and avoid contact with high grass and brush at the side of the trail
    • Check yourself and your pets and carefully remove any attached ticks as soon as possible 
  • Avoid poison ivy by minimizing contact with vegetation. “Leaves of three, let them be”.
  • Do not feed or touch wild animals (e.g. coyotes, geese, etc.)
  • The trail and valley land is a smoke-free environment
  • Call Campus Police (416-978-2222) for emergencies or use the closest Code Blue station along the path
  • Call Facilities Management (416-287-7579) to report maintenance issues and hazards