U of T Scarborough Canada150 Funded Projects

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The U of T Scarborough Canada150 Fund received many outstanding proposals for consideration. The following unique projects have received support to reflect on the past, present and future of our campus; offer critical reflection on Canadian history; and demonstrate U of T Scarborough’s role in the Canada that is becoming:

Solar System Scale Model

Professor Hanno Rein, Department of Physical & Environmental Science

A team of faculty members, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students have proposed the installation of a scale model of the solar system at U of T Scarborough, with planets placed at the exact locations they were in on July 1, 1867.  The model celebrates the Confederation of Canada in both space and time, using the positions of celestial objects.  Markers at each location will include a description of the planet as well as its cultural relevance in both Western and Aboriginal culture.

Tour de Scarborough

Tim Lang, U of T Scarborough Sustainability Office

A guided bicycle tour through Scarborough showcases local points of historical and cultural interest.

Strengthening Ties: Campus Signage

Mahnoor Leghari and Clair Calaug

Bringing to life the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, this proposal aims to strengthen the relationship of Canada’s First Nations and the U of T Scarborough community by following the example of the Ogimaa Mikana initiative, which reclaims and renames streets. This initiative will bring a presence of Indigenous people and culture into city streets surrounding the campus, to U of T Scarborough’s named pathways, and with the installation of directional signage presented as public art.

Strengthening Ties: Aboriginal Film Festival

Mahnoor Leghari and Clair Calaug

A series of film screenings accompanied by facilitated discussion serves as a platform to strengthen the relationship of past, present and future First Nations with the U of T Scarborough community.


Thanks to all who submitted projects for consideration, and to the Review Committee for their time, attention and recommendations.