From today’s generation to the next

Students presenting their posters to judges

Seven teams of UTSC students offered their proposals for support from the Students’ 50th Fund $25,000 allocations at a poster presentation on November 25th.  Proposals submitted by student clubs and departmental student associations and supported by academic and administrative departments, represented a broad range of ideas to further mark a footprint and define UTSC’s future path. 

Posters and presentations were reviewed by a panel chaired by UTSC Vice-Principal Research Prof. Malcolm Campbell.  Panel members representing the campus and the University included University of Toronto Governing Council Alumni Member and UTSC Campus Council Member Nancy Lee, University Professor John Kennedy, Hart House Acting Warden Rita O’Brien, and Fourth-Year Student Alex Fok Lau, who is studying Psychology with a double minor in Sociology and Environmental Science.

Lively discussions engaged panel members as they reviewed each poster, giving the members much to consider as they make recommendations on the two proposals that will receive funding to help define today’s students’ legacy to the next generation. 

Successful proposals will be announced shortly.