Sports and Recreation

Baseball player at the plate

The UTSC campus is more than a collection of classrooms and laboratories, and life at UTSC extends beyond teaching and research.  Founded on a site of significant natural heritage and habitat, UTSC engages students, faculty, staff and the community through sports, recreation and an appreciation of our natural environment.

Architectural rendering of TPASC

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

UTSC and the community benefit from this state-of-the-art facility that features two Olympic-size pools, a diving tank and field house, and is one of the single largest investments ever made in amateur sport development in Canada.

Morningside athletic fields.

Morningside Athletic Fields

As a legacy of the TO2015 Games, the space used to present modern pentathlon has been converted into two play fields.


Walking and running trails

That’s the idea behind these routes in and around UTSC, mapped by staff in the Department of Athletics & Recreation. An urban campus on the edge of nature, UTSC and its surrounding environs offer ample opportunities to take a break.

The Student Centre

The Student Centre

A focal point of student life located in the heart of the campus, the UTSC Student Centre opened in 2004 during UTSC’s 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Anna Sullivan on tennis court

Tennis Centre

UTSC has a deep tennis tradition, with strong participation from students, staff, faculty and the community and as the home of Varsity Blues Tennis.