Principal's Guest Book

Bruce Kidd

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, colleagues and honoured guests are invited to share their thoughts and well wishes with Professor Kidd in our guest book.

Kinjal Patel Congratulations Dr. Bruce. We, as UTSC students are very proud to have our future in your hands. All the best for a new beginning.
John Youson Bruce, I was sorry to miss your Installation. I was hoping to represent your B.C. connections. It was a pleasure, however, to walk with you through Convocation Hall recently at the Fall Convocation for UTSC, as I led the processional as Bedel. I am thrilled with your appointment  at UTSC.
Sandra Griffiths It was a pleasure hearing you speak and to see what great hands UTSC is in. I truly hope that you can help the conversation around what Scarborough is and isn't (the campus and the old borough). I have lived or worked in Scarborough almost all of my life and it needs a champion such as yourself to help it move forward. It was amazing to hear about your focus on equity in so many different areas. The area is so diverse that UTSC can only benefit by having someone such as yourself looking at these issues.
Mike Plumton Thank you Bruce for being so accessible to staff, faculty, and students!   Your personal approach, and huge heart are truly valued here at Scarborough.   I'm looking forward to the magic that you will accomplish going forward!   From the formal speeches, to the little moments- it all makes a big difference. 
Judith Chadwick Bruce, I hope you enjoy yourself today. Installation ceremonies are wonderful milestone moments for the entire U of T community.  Here's to continued success and development of UTSC under your warm and capable leadership!
Tayyab Rashid Dear Bruce, congratulations ! I am looking forward to work with you and my colleagues to make UTSC the healthiest campus in Canada where student explore and use their strengths to flourish towards a fulfilling life.
Judith Wolfson Bruce, I won't post here how far we go back but needless to say you were a 'star' when our paths first crossed and have remained so. I am so delighted to witness your installation as 10th Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Your leadership and vision will be of such benefit to UTSC at this time in its evolution.  I wish you the greatest of success in this newest venture in your long list of contributions to the University of Toronto and to the community. Best.
Lindsay Brooks Congratulations, Bruce! A wonderful honour for a wonderful person. Wishing you all the best as you continue to lead UTSC in exciting directions. Warm wishes, Lindsay.
Jo Sharma Thank you for joining our UTSC community, we are empowered and enthusiastic about working together to make UTSC a leader in the knowledge sharing, public outreach, sustainable and equitable linkages that lie at the true heart of education.
Mike Bartlett UTSC is so very fortuate to have Dr. Kidd serving in this leadership role.  MLSE Foundation will be forever grateful to Bruce for his tireless efforts to help guide our community investment strategy...we learned so much from him as we developed our Sport For Development priorities.  Wishing Dr. Kidd and UTSC the very best in the years to follow.
Bobbi McFarlane Bruce, I was most honoured to share an exercise class with you earlier this term . And the greatest honour will be to share the next years with you as leader of our most wonderful University of Toronto Scarborough.
Carl Cooke Congratulations for your new position as Principal at UT Scarborough. I am so pleased that the university continues to benefit from your scholarship, social perspective, and the type of person you are. I believe that you will have a profound effect at Scarborough and I am glad for the campus. I am sorry that I am not able to attend the ceremony of your installation. Do know that I will be thinking about you on that day. Our paths will cross again. Take very good care.
Shelby Verboven I feel so very privileged to be a part of UTSC under your leadership. You are an inspiration and will help us all to achieve great things here. All the best!
Sitara (Tara) Welch Congratulations and All The Best!!!
Jeffrey Dvorkin Bruce - Many congratulations. I wish I could join you for this wonderful ceremony, but I'm called to a meeting in Calgary. I look forward to your tenure (and mine!). Best, J
Karen McCrindle Congratulations, Bruce. We are very fortunate to have you as our leader.
Rosie Parnass Congratulations on your appointment!  I look forward to working with you in this new capacity at UTSC.
Jeanine O'Carroll Professor Kidd. I have heard you speak on a few occasions and your commitment and passion for all things related to the University, but especially for the students, is what stands out.  Congratulations on your appointment. 
Phil Smith Congratulations and enjoy your special day. Cheers to a long and prosperous stint at the helm of our fine Campus.
Shelley Romoff Congratulations on formally taking the helm at U of T Scarborough. I'm very proud to be a member of the team supporting your efforts in positioning our campus to best serve the Canada that's becoming. Best wishes for continued success.
Colleen de Borst Kerluk Congratulations Bruce! UTSC will have a great and honourable scholar, athlete, and administrator to lead them into the future.  My son is an undergrad (first year) at UTSC and he couldn't have a better person to lead our future innovators and great thinkers! See you around St. George campus. :)
Kim Richard It was a regret for me that at our first official one-on-one meeting I had to tell you that I was leaving UTSC. As excited as I was about my new position I was equally disappointed to miss the opportunity to work with you for more than a few short weeks. Thank you again for coming to UTSC and for staying on at this great good place. Best regards.
Nancy Bouchier Wishing you all the best as you start this exciting new adventure!
Paul Ainslie Congratulations and all the best in the new role.
Janet Hurd Hello Bruce - I meant to write to you when you became Acting Principal at UTSC - I seem to be somewhat late!  I was so pleased to hear that you are now making it official and excited for my alma mater, Scarborough College. Your wisdom, patience and understanding of students will be a wonderful addition to the college, as it grows ( and grows!). Best wishes. Janet (Director of Student Recruitment (Retired))
Lisa Morgan Sending congratulatory wishes to you and all of your accomplishments.  UTSC is very fortunate you have you as their Principal.
Brad and Rose Morley Congratulations on yet another impressive and well earned honour, Bruce. Already fine places,  U of T, Toronto, and Canada are made even better places by your presence. We look forward to the installation ceremony.
Perry Sheppard It's been an inspiration getting to know more about you over the past year. We're proud to have you take the helm at U of T Scarborough. Congratulations on making it official!
Joshua Barker Congratulations!
Jeffrey Dvorkin Congratulations Bruce. You are a great and inspiring leader and I wish you every success.
Tom Nowers  In the 12 years Bruce and I shared the table at the University Affairs Board, he was a tireless student advocate, effective leader and compassionate spokesperson. He is and will continue to be a truly great leader for UTSC and U of T. Sincere congratulations Bruce!
Liam Mitchell Congratulations on your latest role and thank you for your many contributions to the University of Toronto community. 
Wendy Cecil With great admiration and fond best wishes as you begin yet another wonderful new chapter in your remarkable life.  You have long experience in "going the distance" and I know you will be brilliant as Principal of the University of Toronto at Scarborough too! Warmest regards.
Michael Lambek We are proud to have you at the helm. Sincere regrets I cannot be present at the installation.
Lawrence Haber All best wishes to Professor Kidd.  I'm confident you will do a fantastic job and will honor the University.
Syed W Ahmed Thanks for your commitment and all the great work you are doing for University of Toronto Scarborough
Vicky Paraschak Hi Bruce, I am so excited for you as you take on this new role, which is a recognition of your life-long contributions in so many areas of life. It's another chapter in the autobiography you still need to write on how you are shaping, while concurrently being shaped by the social world around you. I look forward to supporting you through that reflection and writing process whenever you find the time to take it on. It would be a wonderful, historically rich story about the power of an individual to create a world aligned with his social justice values. Enjoy the day fully, and all the love in the room. I'll be there in spirit for sure!
Marina Ericmilton Congratulations and best wishes!
Andrea Rogers Congratulations Professor Kidd.  I look forward to working with you and accomplishing great things under your leadership.  
David Onley Congratulations Bruce! So richly deserved. Looking forward to working with you in the years ahead!
Douglas Brown Congratulations on this recent appointment. Who is taking care of Hart House? Remarkably, I will be in Toronto for other business on November 18, 19 and 20 and will be able to attend the installation ceremony. Hopefully it won't be so hectic that we can't exchange a few words and a handshake.
Christine Roussel Congratulations
Katherine Reibetanz Congratulations Bruce! I am so incredibly happy for you.  Your leadership and wisdom will have a lasting impact on UTSC!
Janice Stein UTSC is so fortunate to have you, as is the University of Toronto community as a whole. You are an inspiration, a guide, a mentor, and a friend to so many of us. I wish I could be with you on this special day, but I will be thinking of you. Warm good wishes.
Ulli Krull You have already accomplished so much in the way of achievements as an athlete, as a faculty member, and as a visionary administrator. UTSC and UofT are extremely fortunate to have you at the helm as you apply your energy and inspiration to facilitate the evolution of the Scarborough campus. I look forward to working with you as a member of the UofT family, and even more so to the success of the exciting new initiatives and accomplishments that are to come.
Girmalla Persaud Congratulations Bruce!  The team at Malvern Family Resource Centre wishes you all the best in your new post.
Gene DiMatteo Congratulations Bruce,they are lucky to have you looking after things.
Hilda Seedanee All the best in your role as our "fearless" leader.  I look forward to your continued engagement with our university community and your direction that will lead UTSC to the next positive stage of our development.  
Brenda Librecz Congratulations -  Great to have your leadership here in Scarborough.  Your presence has already been felt with the success of the Pan Am Games and its benefits for Scarborough.  Look forward to working collaboratively with you to further position UTSC.   All the best to you and Phyllis 
Jack Petch I am sorry not to be able to attend your installation as 10th Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough.  This is great news for UTSC as you are the right person at this time in its evolution. Whenever I see your name I recall well your early athletic accomplishments which remain in my memory.  As well, I enjoyed our relationship and friendship when I was Chair of Governing Council. I very much wish you well and congratulations.
Peter Donnelly Bruce -- still making a difference, with enthusiasm and integrity. Congratulations
Bradley Hill I would have voted for Bruce to become Prime Minister--he is a class act and has been all of his life--I am proud to call Bruce a friend and I am sure University of Toronto is in good hands just like all of the other organizations that Bruce is involved with!!! I will be attending the luncheon to share in this special moment!!!
Luc Tremblay Congratulations Bruce! Thank you for your everlasting guidance and poised leadership. Looking forward to more words of wisdom on Nov. 20th.
Dan Thompson Congratulations an honour well deserved.  I remember you telling me once the only way to create positive change is to get invovled and have an opinion.  You have certainly done that over your career. All the best.
Sally Garner I am so very pleased for the University, and for you, that you will now be formally installed as the Principal at UTSC. The University is very fortunate to have you as a leader at this critical juncture for the UT Scarborough. I am so sorry I will not be at the installation ceremony but I have conflicting budget meetings that I feel I should attend. All the best and please know that P&B is there to upport you and your team in any way we can.
Nadina Jamison Congratulations Bruce!  Delightful to see such a great appointment for UTSC.  Wishing you continued success in your post.  Thank you for your many contributions to the U of T community.  
Asher Chohan Congratulations, and all the best!
Michael Levine Bruce and I go back to 1961 when we entered the same course in Honours PoliSci and Ec @ U.of T. He taught me how to drive shift in a beat up Volkswagen Beetle (he actually abandoned me on Bloor Street after a few brief suggestions how to drive) and I repaid the favour by taking notes for him as he competed in the Olympics. He has the distinction of being the only NDP candidate I ever worked for and has remained a good friend over all these decades. Obviously, we share a passion for burning out, not rusting out.
Donald Ainslie Bruce -- your studies at UC clearly prepared you for decades of leadership.  So wonderful that UTSC will be the next beneficiary of your inspired vision.
Louis Lavoie Congratulation, Professor Kidd, Parks Canada - Rouge National Urban Park is looking forward to a wonderful collaboration with UTSC.
Amorell Saunders N'Daw What an honour and privilege it is to work with and for you Professor Kidd.  You are inspirational in every way!
Jhonny Liu Congratulations!  
Shengdong Sun Congratulations! Professor Kidd. I believe with your leadership, more and more enthusiastic students and instructors will be nurtured and discovered in our campus!
Bruce Geddes Warm congratulations on behalf of the UTSC Alumni Association! We appreciate your great enthusiasm and leadership as Principal of our unique university campus. 
Judy Goldring Congratulations Bruce!  
Joan Foley Bruce, it will be a delight to see you officially installed in the best job in the University. Thanks for the great work you are doing for UTSC.
Beth Ali Congratulations Bruce and all the best in this wonderful position.
Anne Gloger Bruce, it is an honour and a real delight to be able to work with you on changing the way communities and universities connect to make a difference in people's lives.  You are a pioneer and a great leader!  They couldn't have made a better choice for Principal of UTSC...I look forward to doing great things together!
Mark Britt Congratulations on your appointment.  UTSC will no doubt thrive under your leadership and I wish you all the best of successes.
Amanda-Lynn Bowden Congratulations Professor Kidd. I wish you well!
Kevin Wamsley Congratulations Bruce - keep on fighting the good fight
Sam & Doris Lau Heartfelt congratulations Bruce and your family on this well-deserved honor. Wishing you the best always and in all ways. Sam and Doris
Jasmine Green Congratulations. I'll be cheering you on-
Frank Lewinberg We very much congratulate Professor Kidd, and wish him well  in this new role.  We look forward to working closely with him on the approval of the UTSC Master Plan.  I regret that I will out of the country on November 20.  
John Grootveld Congratulations Dr. Kidd.  UTSC is very fortunate to have you.  It is with great excitement, that I now get to work on the same campus, having also been a student of yours.  All the best!  
Susan Murray Wishing you all the best in your recent promotion and in promoting the vision of Scarborough Campus.
Nancy Theberge Congratulations, Bruce and all best wishes for your continuing service to the University of Toronto and the broader academic community.
Darshan Panesar Best Wishes and Best of Luck!
Margaret Webb Bruce, Your friendship has been an amazing gift to me. I appreciate your support, inspiration and wise guidance and look forward to many fun times in the future. UTSC is very lucky to have your generous & big-hearted leadership. All my best wishes to you (and one of your signature punch taps on your shoulder as well). xox Margaret (and Nancy sends her best to you as well)
Harvey Botting I am proud of my UTSC affiliation and believe in Professor Kidd's leadership. I regret very much that I am not able to attend on November 20.
Nyanquoi Suah Congratulations and welcome to UTSC, Professor Kidd. We look up to many successful years with you. 
Bob McGavin Congratulations and good luck. Look after the place.
Guylaine Demers The University of Toronto has a tremendous chance to have you as the next Principal. You will continue to inspire generations to come with your vision, your leadership and your heart. It is a privilege to know you. Bravo Bruce, vraiment mérité.
Anne Milligan Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and infectious! :)
Gabriela Estrada Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to those who've had the honour to meet you or simply hear about you. You are such a welcoming, genuine, and kind individual. You've already accomplished so much greatness in your life, but I am definitely looking forward to the greatness you'll accomplish and continue to bring to UTSC. Thanks for the hug on grad! You rock, don't ever change! With lots of love, Gaby
Scott McRoberts A very big congratulations. I am so honored to be working under your direction and moving the vision of UTSC forward. Thank you for all your time and dedication as well as overwhelming support. I look forward to the future of UTSC, a great one under your leadership. All the best for a very special day.
Carol Farquhar Best thing that has happened to UTSC since I started working here in 2002 is having Professor Kidd serve as Interim Principal and now Principal. Awesome!
John Smart Sorry we could not be there for the event,Bruce, but please accept our warm congratulations. You will be a great Principal for Scarborough. John and Pat Smart, Ottawa.
Susan Feldman Congratulations Bruce, what a wonderfully fitting appointment. Sorry I can't be there to cheer you in person.
Stev Moate Dear Bruce, It is wonderful for UTSC and U of T that you have taken on this important role. Congratulations, thanks, and sincere best wishes. I look forward to assisting you and your colleagues, in whatever way I can.
Robert Pitter Best wishes with this new endeavour. The University of Toronto is fortunate to have you in another leadership role. 
Nuria Puig Dear Bruce, On behalf of the whole IOC Olympic Studies Centre’s team, we send you our warmest congratulations on your installation as Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough. It is a new achievement after a life dedicated to academics and athletics. 
Yosuke Washiya Bruce, you are truly a lifelong runner --- you never stop going forward. I am always inspired, and motivated to run my academic journey as you do.
Brian Sutherland You've given some really spontaneous, genuine and thoughtful speeches, great leadership.  Congratulations on your appointment!
David Whitson Congratulations, Bruce, and best wishes in your new role, as you continue your lifelong contribution to making the University a better and more inclusive institution! Dave Whitson. Silver Star BC
Ann Hall By appointing Bruce Kidd as Principal, you have made an absolutely superb choice. I've known Bruce for decades and worked with him throughout the years on various issues relating to sport and physical education. Congratulations Bruce!
Helen Wu Congratulations! Felicitations !
Brenda Zeman Dear Bruce: Congrats on a wonderful appointment. bz 
Brian Smith Congratulations on your well-deserved appointment.  I have been impressed by your achievements since the 1960's, and I will appreciate the opportunity to meet you in person.
Douglas Brown Congratulations Bruce. Wishing you all the best.
Janice Forsyth With my best wishes to you, Bruce. A position well-deserved, and one that you will surely lead with the clearest vision, intention, and heart! 
Lane MacAdam Dr. Bruce: it has been over thirty years since we met when I was a young assistant to a former Minister of Sport. I am so pleased that you are able to see the fruits of your vision to develop high performance sport infrastructure associated with the Pan/parapan Am games.
Margaret Webb Congratulations, Bruce! It's exciting to hear you speak about your enthusiasm for UT Scarborough. Fantastic that you are bringing your great leadership skills to help UTS realize its awesome potential.