Principal facts

Principal Thompson

Longest-serving Principal: UTSC alum Paul Thompson was principal from 1989 – 2002, who oversaw expansion of the campus’ Co-op program.  In 2001, UTSC was named U of T’s Co-op Campus.

Principals Recognized with the Order of Canada: 2 Prof. Ralph Campbell was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 1986. Prof. Bruce Kidd was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2004, for his work to eradicate sexism and racism in sporting communities around the world.

Rhodes Scholars: 1. Prof. Ralph Campbell CM, who was principal from 1972 to 1976.

First/Last Principals to Reside in the Miller Lash House: Dr. Wynne Plumptre, the distinguished economist, was the first to live in the Miller Lash House; Professor Ralph Campbell was the last. 

Firsts for U of T: Professor Joan Foley, who served first as Acting Principal, is the first woman head of a college at U of T.  She went on to serve as the University’s first female provost.  Professor Foley left retirement to return to the University as its ombudsperson in 2007. 

UTSC Principals who later served as University Presidents: 3 UTSC’s first Principal, Dr. D. C. Williams, was named President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario in 1967; Professor Ralph Campbell was appointed President of the University of Manitoba (his home province) in 1976; Professor Franco Vaccarino left UTSC to lead the University of Guelph as President and Vice-Chancellor in 2014.