Our Story

Andrews building

UTSC celebrates its semicentennial this year, its rich history and promising future. 

Our story began fifty years ago as the baby boom generation was entering university and Ontario struggled with how to meet the growing demand for quality post-secondary education. 

University of Toronto Scarborough was created as a place that would respond to that growth. It was the first expansion of the University of Toronto, and the model for enrolment expansion was a unique one. Some in the province made bids to found new universities; others moved denominational schools into the secular environment. U of T pioneered a path that allowed for creative emulation, establishing new communities first on the eastern edges of the GTA and a few years later in its sister city to the west. The University responded in a way that was ahead of its time—today this is the model most universities are following to meet the next demographic wave.  

Not only did the University found its first new campus in the eastern GTA, those who imagined, designed and opened the doors of Scarborough College were committed to a social system and set of ideals that saw education as necessary to a truly democratic society. Born amid the turbulent change of the 1960s and situated in the social experiment that was Scarborough, UTSC pioneered a new path as the campus of a well-established institution. From the beginning, the campus aimed to offer students higher education that is innovative, inclusive and equal to the excellence that is U of T’s hallmark.

Just as in 1964, UTSC remains a welcoming community of learners, where groundbreaking research and undergraduate success go hand in hand.  Faculty and students at UTSC explore, learn, work and connect with the community in ways that often push the boundaries of traditional structures. We offer students a comprehensive range of programs with disciplinary depth taught by high-calibre faculty. 

It’s not a coincidence that we engage with the community to mutual benefit, that new avenues of inquiry are nurtured here, that innovative research is a hallmark, and that our cohort is Canada’s 21st century student. 

That’s 50 years of UTSC tradition.