Nooks and quads

Students on h-wing patio

From the ideal city inspiration of the Andrews building, U of T Scarborough has been developed with spaces both indoors and out that provide opportunities for meeting, conversation, contemplation and reflection.  Newer buildings have been arranged on campus to create pleasant walkways and quads, and the landscape has been developed and maintained with environmental sensitivity and sustainability in mind, including the wide use of native plants and trees.  

Pleasant opportunities to enjoy nature are often just outside the door, such as the patio and garden at the south end of the Andrews building H-Wing.  The garden features one of U of T Scarborough's best-known artworks, the sculpture A Tall Couple by Louis Archambault. Originally commissioned for Expo 67 in Montreal, this work of public art was donated by the House of Seagram.

The Sakura Tree Grove, planted in 2005, is located between H-Wing and the Social Sciences building, and is a springtime delight.  The blossoming cherry trees are the national symbol of Japan, and this gift of fifty trees by the Sakura Project represents goodwill and friendship between our two countries.

Earth Tube Plaza, located between the Environmental Science & Chemistry Building (ESCB) and the IC, is a green space punctuated by Earth Tubes connected to the ESCB. This is a passive technology that enables the transfer of ground source energy to heat or cool ventilation air.  The tubes run underground and precondition the temperature of incoming air before it enters the building.  Earth tubes reduce the energy required to heat or cool the ESCB, and also allow us to use 100 per cent fresh air within the building, without incurring large energy costs as a result.

Toronto’s first green fire lane is located between the plaza and the sidewalk on Military Trail.