Guided Solar Walk & Observatory Tour

Illustration of the solar system

Spend an evening with the planets at U of T Scarborough! A free event for four nights only.

Take a guided tour of our brand new scale model of the solar system that spans our entire campus, with markers representing the planets placed in the exact locations as they would have been on Canada's confederation, July 1, 1867. 

Next, listen to an engaging talk from one of University of Toronto's astrophysicists.

Finally, as night sets in, head up to our rooftop observatory with the scientists to look through our telescopes and learn more about the solar system.

Dates and Schedule

Tours & observing experiences run for four nights only: Friday, June 30 to Monday, July 3. No tickets or registration required.

7:30 p.m. - Meet just north of parking lot A and the bus loop to begin your guided tour of our new Solar Walk (scale model of the solar system as it was on the date of Canada's confederation).

8:30 p.m. Talk by U of T astrophysicist - Dr. Alan Jackson presents "150 Years of Solar System Astronomy" on Friday and Sunday, and Daniel Tamayo presents "Dance of the Planets: A Tale of Order and Chaos" on Saturday and Monday.

9:30 p.m. Telescope experience at the Rooftop Observatory.

More details

For the Event

Wear comfortable footwear and dress for the weather—tours will go on rain or shine.

Pay & display parking is $5 in Lot A, just south of Ellesmere Road on Military Trail. Meet the tour group just north of Parking Lot A, next to the bus loop.

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