Exploring Canada’s past and present; imagining the future

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University of Toronto Scarborough’s 168 programs offer courses that promote scholarship on Canada’s past, present and imagining Canada’s future. Our teaching and research is driven by a commitment to critical analysis, and to fostering diverse, inclusive, sustainable and innovative communities. 

Arts, Culture & Media

  • Introduction to Arts Management
  • Equity and Diversity in Arts Organizations
  • Journalism Law and Ethics
  • Covering Immigration and Transnational Issues
  • News Laboratory I
  • News Reporting
  • Media and the World of Work


  • Introduction to Health Humanities
  • Canadian Cultural Identities
  • Culture, Mental Illness and Psychiatry
  • Global Politics of Language
  • Advanced Fieldwork Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Culture and Community
  • Medical Primatology: Public Health Perspectives on Zoonotic Diseases

Biological Sciences

  • Winter Ecology
  • Applied Conservation Biology
  • Inter-University Biology Field Course

Centre for Critical Development Studies

  • Introduction to International/Global Health
  • Directed Reading on Canadian Institutions and International Development

Centre for French and Linguistics

  • Language Diversity and Language Universals
  • Sociolinguistics
  • The Society and Culture of Québec
  • The 20th Century Québec Novel
  • Contemporary Québec Drama
  • Introduction to Linguistics: French Phonetics and Phonology
  • History of the French Language
  • Cinema of the French-Speaking World
  • Advanced Topics in French Literature
  • Sociolinguistics of French
  • Advanced Topics in the Literature of Québec
  • Translation for Business and Media

Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

  • Water
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Groundwater
  • Limnology
  • Glacial Geology
  • Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics
  • Urban Environmental Problems of the Greater Toronto Area


  • Canadian Literature I: Imagining the Nation
  • Canadian Literature II: Re-imagining the Nation
  • Canadian Short Story
  • Major Canadian Authors
  • Topics in Canadian Fiction
  • Canadian Drama
  • Canadian Poetry
  • The Immigrant Experience to 1980
  • The Immigrant Experience Since 1980
  • Studies in Major Canadian Writers
  • Topics in Canadian Literature
  • Women and Canadian Writing
  • Canadian Writing for the New Century

Historical and Cultural Studies

  • Making of Modern Canada
  • Feeding the City, from Babylon to Brampton
  • Immigrants and Race Relations in Canadian History
  • Oral History and Urban Change
  • Thinking of Diversity: Perspectives on American Pluralisms
  • Nearby History: The Method and Practice of Local History
  • Cold War Canada in Comparative Contexts

Human Geography

  • Canadian Cities and Planning
  • Foundations of City Studies
  • Social Planning and Community Development
  • City Politics
  • Economy of Cities
  • Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough
  • Learning in Community Service
  • Real Estate and the City
  • Municipal and Planning Law in Ontario
  • Urban Social Policy
  • Cities and Community Development
  • City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management and Policymaking
  • Taxing and Spending: Public Finance in Canadian Cities
  • Planning and Governing the Metropolis
  • Urban Transportation Policy Analysis
  • City Studies Workshop I
  • Urban Geography
  • The Toronto Region
  • Local Geographies of Globalization


  • Canadian Income Taxation I
  • Human Resource Management
  • Venture Capital
  • The Legal Environment of Busienss
  • Intellectual Property Law

Political Science

  • Canadian Politics
  • Voting and Elections
  • The Canadian Judicial System
  • Canadian Environmental Policy
  • Canadian Intergovernmental Relations
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy
  • Politics of National Identity and Diversity
  • The Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Immigration and Canadian Political Development
  • Political Disagreement in Canada
  • Public Policy in Canada


  • International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation
  • Capstone Seminar in Culture, Creativity and Cities