The 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund

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Award recipients announced!

Have an idea to make UTSC even better? Here’s your chance! It’s UTSC’s 50th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, the campus has introduced a Legacy Fund.

The Legacy Fund will celebrate UTSC’s 50 years in four categories and project submissions can be big or small: a $20,000 grant is available for a larger project, and the short list of proposals will be presented to a panel, “Dragon’s Den” style. You can also apply for smaller grants of $3,000-$5,000 if your plan is more modest.

This fund is open to proposals by students, staff, faculty, student organizations, administrative or academic departments.

The purpose of the fund is to help celebrate UTSC’s 50 years by creating a legacy in the following ways:

  1. Profile UTSC as an innovator in teaching and research
  2. Enhance programs, services and physical property that benefit the campus of UTSC
  3. Enhance student life at UTSC
  4. Encourage community involvement with UTSC
Examples could include a new conference or a UTSC partnership with an existing conference that raises the campus’ profile,  an event that makes UTSC better known in the community, the creation of a work of public art for the campus, an addition to an existing program or lecture series. 
Proposals that meet more than one criteria will be given more weight. Proposals should specify which of the four criteria they are addressing.
Proposing individuals or departments must contribute to the cost of their proposal. This could include in-kind contribution of staff/student time, resources or use of venues.  The applicant should state if they are receiving funds from other sources for their proposal. 
Ideally projects should be located totally or in part at the UTSC campus or profile UTSC in a way that meets the four criteria above. If a project produces any tangible items such as an application or art, it will be considered the property of the UTSC.
Proposals would be put into action during the 2014/2015 academic year, but do not have to be completed in the 2014/15 year.
The list of successful applications will be posted on the UTSC 50th Anniversary website.
Fund Allocation:  Funds will be allotted as follows:
Call for Applications: June 25 - October 15
Successful proposals will be announced on October 27.
Send applications via email to
Oversight and Accountability:  Successful fund recipients may be called on to explain or introduce their projects to faculty, staff or outside parties including news media. Fund recipients are encouraged to acknowledge UTSC’s support of the project in all interviews. 
Successful applicants must provide a brief report to the Legacy Fund Sub-committee at points during the execution of and upon completion of the project. This information will be included in the final 50th Anniversary report.  Some Legacy Fund projects may not be completed by the end of the calendar year and in this case, an interim report will be required as the anniversary wraps up and final report submitted on completion.