Activating Accommodations

Self-Renewal Module for Confirming and Activating Accommodations

Following registration with AccessAbility Services and at the beginning of every term, students must confirm and activate their accommodations in myAIMS by completing the “Review and Confirm my Accommodations” module. This is the first step which activates the accommodations for that term and triggers an auto-notification to Course Instructors with a secure link for them to view their students' Accommodation Letters. 

Students must complete this step before they can access accommodations in myAIMS (e.g. booking a test, selecting a note taker).

Student Steps:

  1. Log in to myAIMS using your UTORID and Password.
  2. To activate your accommodations, select “Review and Confirm my Accommodations” from the main menu of myAIMS.
  3. Select the Accommodations button on the top toolbar.
  4. You will see a table listing your courses, and the status column will indicate “Waiting for Student to Request”.
  5. Select the “Request” button next to the courses for which you would like to activate accommodations.
  6. Review your accommodations and indicate if you require any changes to them.  If you select that your accommodations do not require changes, clicking "Submit" will trigger an auto-notification to your Course Instructor with a secure link for them to view your Accommodation Letter.  If you select that you would like to discuss changes to your accommodations, clicking "Submit" will notify AccessAbility Services.  Staff will then reach out and contact you within 3 business days to discuss your request.
  7. Review the accommodation agreement terms, check the box that indicates "I agree to the terms outlined above" and click "Submit".

Self-Renewal Step-by-Step Guide for Students with screen shots [PDF]

VIDEO: Self-Renewal Step-by-Step for Students [YouTube]

Requesting Changes or Additions to your Accommodations

If you review your accommodations and indicate “Yes” you do require changes to your accommodations, AccessAbility Services will be notified.

AccessAbility Services front desk staff will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your request and if needed, book an appointment for you to speak with your Disability Consultant.  Please note that requests for additional accommodations may require updated medical documentation.

Accommodation Agreement

The Accommodation Agreement Terms inform you of your responsibilities in the accommodation process.  Please read through this section carefully before checking the box that indicates "I agree to the terms outlined above".

Course Instructors Receiving and Reading Accommodation Letters

Once you have reviewed and activated your accommodations, your Course Instructors will receive an email from AccessAbility Services which contains a secure link to your Accommodation Letters.  Each letter will outline your accommodations for that specific course.  Once your Instructor receives this link, they can log in to their Instructor myAIMS account and view the letter.  A Course Instructor may or may not acknowledge receipt of your letter by selecting a “Confirm” option in myAIMS.

If your instructor confirms that they have read the letter in myAIMS, you will see the status of this course change from “Sent” to “Confirmed” on the main page of this module.  Whether or not the instructor has clicked "Confirm", once you have reviewed and activated your accommodations, you are able to access your accommodations for this course (e.g. note taking, test/exam accommodations).