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UTSC Program Options 2024-2025

Program Combinations Choose ONE of the following: 1 Specialist (S) OR 2 Majors (M) (M) OR 1 Major & 2 Minors  (M) (I) (I)


Options:              Specialist (S), Major (M), Minor (I) 

Co-op Option 
(* eligible to students who started in 2024/25 or later)

Health Sciences Programs -eligible for the Certificate in Pathways to Health Professions

Life Sciences   
BiologyM, IM*x
Conservation & BiodiversityS, MS, M*x
Human BiologyS, MS*, M*x
Integrative BiologySS*x
Molecular Biology & BiotechnologySSx
Molecular Biology, Immunology & DiseaseMM*x
NeuroscienceS, MS, M*x
Plant BiologyMM*x
Paramedicine (Joint Centennial)S  
Physical & Environmental Sciences   
Applied ClimatologyI  
Astronomy & AstrophysicsI  
ChemistryS, MS, Mx
Environmental ChemistryS, MS, Mx
Environmental GeoscienceSSx
Environmental PhysicsSS 
Environmental ScienceM, IMx
Global Environmental ChangeSSx
Natural Sciences & Environmental ManagementI  
Physical & Mathematical SciencesS  
Physical SciencesM  
Physics & AstrophysicsS, M  
Medicinal & Biological ChemistrySSx
Psychology & Health Studies   
Anthropology: EvolutionaryS, MS*, M*x
Health Studies - Population HealthMMx
Mental Health StudiesS, MS, M*x
PsychologyS, M, IS, M*x
Computer Science   
Computer Science (S - Comprehensive, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship streams)S, M, IS, M 
Mathematics (S - Comprehensive, Statistics, Teaching streams)S, MS, M 
Applied StatisticsI  
Statistics (S - Statistical Machine Learning & Data Science, Quantitative Finance, Statistical Science streams)S, M, IS, M 
Management & Economics   
Economics for Management Studies (S - BBA, M & I - HBA)S, M, IS 
Global LeadershipI  
Management & AccountingSS 
Management & FinanceSS 
Management & Human ResourcesSS 
Management & ITSS 
Management & International Business (Co-op only)SS 
Management & MarketingSS 
Strategic Management (Entrepreneurship, Management Strategy streams)SS 
Journalism (Joint Centennial)S  
Social Sciences & Humanities   
African StudiesI  
Aging & Society (NEW)I  
Anthropology: Socio-CulturalS, M  
Biomedical EthicsI  
City StudiesS, M, IM 
Classical StudiesI  
Creative WritingM, I  
Critical Migration StudiesI  
Culture, Creativity & CitiesI  
EnglishS, M, IS, M 
English and Chinese TranslationI  
Environmental StudiesM  
Film Studies I  
Food StudiesI  
FrenchS, M , IS, M  
Geographic Information ScienceI  
Geography: HumanS, M, I  
Geography: Physical & HumanM  
Global Asia StudiesS, M, I  
Health HumanitiesI  
Health Studies - Health PolicyMM 
HistoryS, M, IS, M 
International Development Studies (S - Arts or Science)S, M, IS 
LinguisticsS, M, IS, M 
PhilosophyS, M, IS, M 
Political ScienceS, M, I  
Public Law (NEW Major)M, I  
Public PolicyMM 
SociologyS, M, I  
Urban Public Policy & GovernanceI  
Women's & Gender StudiesM, IM 
Music, Industry & Technology   
Music, Industry & Technology (Joint Centennial) (NEW)S  
Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management, & Media   
Art History & Visual CultureM, I  
Arts & Media ManagementM  
Arts ManagementS  
Media StudiesI  
Media & Communication StudiesM  
Music & CultureM, I  
New Media Studies (Joint Centennial)M  
Studio ArtS, M, I  
Theatre & PerformanceM, I  
Certificate in Pathways to Health Professions (NEW)     This certification is only open to domestic students coming directly from high school.
Resource: UofT.me/Choosing   

UTSC Double Degree options for 2024-2025

ProgramsOptions: Specialist (S), Co-op (C)
Management & Finance (BBA)S, C
Statistics - Quantitative Finance Stream (BSc)S, C
English (HBA)S
Psychology (HBSc)S

UTSC Combined Degree options for 2024-2025

Honours Bachelor of Science & Master of Environmental Science
Environmental Science & Professional Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration & Master of Accounting and Finance
HBA/HBSc & Master of Teaching
Mental Health Studies & Master of Social Work