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An American site that provides access to hundreds of different surveys, organized by occupation.

LinkedIn Salary Search

Find salary information, shared by people doing those jobs! Remember to look at the Top-Paying Locations, because there is usually a huge range in salary, driven by a) geography / labour market and b) experience level.’s Salary CentreGold star iconCanadian site icon

Search by job title and region to generate a salary report.

This site also contains a collection of articles on salary, negotiation and benefits.

Rates of Pay, Policies and Guidelines - Treasury Board of CanadaCanadian site icon

Find out the minimum rates of pay for post secondary students at the college, undergraduate, Master's or Ph.D. level. Also, check out salary rates from a sampling of various positions in the Canadian Federal Government Public Service.

Riley Guide – Job Offers: Evaluating & NegotiatingGold star icon

This collection of articles answers questions like: Do you accept the first job that comes along, do you just accept the salary they've offered, and what do you do about that counter-offer your employer made to get you to stay?

Salary Expert.Com

Search both the US and Canada for specific salary information by geography and occupation.

Salary Survey Report - Payscale.comCanadian site icon

Want to know if pay rates for U of T grads are the same in Toronto and Mississauga? Want to find out if your salary would be similar to a graduate from Ryerson or York University? Find out on

Think your salary would be larger in a company or government setting? Find that information and more on hundreds of careers. Salary reports are in Canadian dollars.