References List

Components of a Reference List

  1. Your name or “logo” and contact information
    • Use the same font and look as your resume
  2. List of at least 3 references with their:
    • Full name and professional title
    • Organization mailing address
    • Business phone number
    • Business email address
  3. One or two sentences that provide context for the employer about:
    • Your relationship with the referee
    • Duration of the relationship
    • Nature of the work (e.g. specific skills) for which the referee is qualified to provide a reference

Who Should I Ask?

  • People who know you well in a professional context and can comment on your character, work ethic and performance
  • See our tip sheet on References


  • Keep your list of references on a separate sheet
  • Inform your references about the outcome of your job search
  • Show your appreciation by thanking them formally



Elizabeth R. Davis

905-123-5678 - - 21 Lauder Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6G 3G8


Mary Anne Smith, Executive Director
Heart & Stroke Foundation
34 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M2J 1F5 416-123-4567 -
Ms. Smith was my direct supervisor (1 year) who can comment on my coordination of several successful fundraising events which overall exceeded the previous year’s total by 25%. Ms. Smith can confirm my event planning and media relations skills, and my ability to motivate other volunteers.

Dr. D. Weinberg, Biochemistry Supervisor
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Scarborough, Ontario M1C 1A4 416-987-6543 -
Professor Weinberg was my program advisor and mentor who provided me with advice and information on course selection and career options over three years at UTSC. He requested my input into one of the new biology program curriculum. Prof. Weinberg can comment on my work ethic, dedication to the task at hand and my character.

Marlene Keirney, Store Manager
Sunshine Fashions 234 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M7G 3G5 416-298-7654 -
Mrs. Keirney was my supervisor (2 years). She can comment on my excellent interpersonal skills, commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction and creative skills (prepared attractive displays).

Last update: July 2016