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Psycholinguistics Specialist (HBA)

Program Overview

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. It encompasses theories of linguistic structure in all domains: speech sounds (phonetics and phonology), words (morphology), sentences (syntax), meaning (semantics) and conversations (discourse).  Psycholinguistics emphasizes biological and psychological factors in language and disorders.  This program provides the best preparation for entry into a graduate program such as speech-language pathology and psycholinguistics.

Complementary Programs: PsychologyNeuroscienceEnglish Chinese TranslationHealth Studies

Check out future career opportunities and skills acquired from completing this program:

Competencies & Skills
  • Analyze and identify patterns
  • Apply methodologies from many disciplines
  • Communicate with people from many backgrounds
  • Evaluate evidence
  • Listen and read for meaning and social use
  • Observe people and data
  • Relate language to social context
  • Understand historical language change
Careers for Graduates
  • Writer/Editor in Media and Publishing
  • Research Associate in Marketing Agencies
  • Communications Assistant in Public Relations
  • Survey Analyst in Marketing and Advertising
  • Education Policy Analyst in Government Services
  • Foreign Service or Immigration Officer in Government Services
Further Education
  • Linguistics
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Communicative Disorders
  • Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Law School
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Public Relations

Program Pathway

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career

Year 2
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
  • Get involved in relevant opportunities on and/or off campus; apply to Work Study, or other part-time and summer jobs on CLNx (>Jobs & Recruitment).

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Look into volunteering or working overseas to expand your network through International Student Centre’s (ISC) Global Learning programs.

Plan for Your Future Career
  • Considering grad school?  Speak to professors and advisors early so you are on track.
  • Explore careers through the AA&CC’s Job Shadowing and In The Field programs.

Year 3
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
  • Build on your skills and knowledge through relevant events offered through your department, student groupsDSL and the AA&CC.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Consider running for an elected position in the Linguistics Student Association (LSA).
  • Consider working or volunteering under the supervision of a Speech Language Pathologist in a communication disorders setting.

Plan for Your Future Career

Year 4
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Apply for an Academic Travel Fund through Department of Student Life (DSL) to research, present at a conference, or engage with the international academic community.
  • Consider enrolling in an Independent Study Course which will give you the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member.

Apply Theory to Practice
  • Attend the Summer & Full-time Job Fair in January to meet with potential employers looking to hire students for summer and full-time positions relevant to your field.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Participate in the AA&CC’s Partners in Leadership program to learn and network with an alumni mentor about transitioning to work or further education.
  • Participate in the LSA’s Wug Life Initiative, an outreach program that introduces high school students to the fields of Linguistics and Psycholinguistics.

Plan for Your Future Career
  • Attend the AA&CC’s Get Hired job search conference in April/May.
  • Attend a Jobs for Grads orientation for a job search “crash course” and for access to full-time job listings.
  • Get your Personal Statement for grad school reviewed in the AA&CC.


  • AACC - Academic Advising and Career Centre (
  • CAP Lab - Computation and Psycholinguistics Laboratory (
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record (
  • CLNx - Career Co-Curricular Learning Network (
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning (
  • DSL - Department of Student Life (
  • ISC - International Student Centre (
  • LSA – Linguistics Student Association (
  • SCSU - Scarborough Campus Students Union (


  • Departmental Contact
    Sean Ramrattan
  • Psycholinguistics Librarian
    Chad Crichton
    ARC main floor
  • Linguistics Student Association
  • Academic Advising & Career Centre
  • Department of Student Life

Did You Know?

Second language learning should be initiated as soon as possible.