Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Specialist (HBSc)

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Program Overview

This program first establishes foundational knowledge across the major disciplines of biology, and then combines this knowledge with increasingly molecular, analytical and reflective approaches to the study of Biology. This is a laboratory-rich program that integrates an understanding of chemical and physical processes within our complex biological systems. Broad training in biology and rigorous ancillary training in cognate disciplines, positions graduates to apply to professional and graduate schools or work in a broad range of government regulatory agencies, clinical, or research-focused industries. Co-op terms provide full-time work placements in laboratories, government, health care, or public and private industry. Placements help students both define and refine their career goals while providing invaluable work experience.

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Competencies & Skills

  • RESEARCH: Experimental design, data analysis using statistics, critical interpretation of literature, advanced experimental techniques in molecular biology
  • COMMUNICATION: Written, oral, poster, debate, multimedia
  • CAPACITY: Teamwork skills, meet deadlines and expectations
  • VALUES: Advocate for Biology & fundamental research

Careers for Graduates

  • Academic Research Scientist
  • Clinical Research Assistant
  • Laboratory Research Associate (university, hospital, industry)
  • Laboratory Technician for Clinical Trials
  • Coordinator or Researcher
  • Biotechnologist
  • Pharmaceuticals (Research, Development, Sales)
  • Food Science
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Healthcare Professional

Further Education

  • Graduate Studies
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Optometry
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Teacher Education
  • Clinical Research
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Radiology Technologist (MRI, CT)

Program Pathway

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice


Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career

Year 2
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Seek support from professors and TAs during office hours.
  • Check the Research Catalogue on CLNx for possible research opportunities.
  • Volunteer in research labs, hospitals, doctors offices, community organizations, foundations.
  • Consider doing a directed research course (BIOB98).

Apply Theory to Practice
  • Take part in Conversation with Biologists, an event where students can interact with leading scientists and learn about their research and career trajectory.
  • Consider Work Study (>Jobs & Recruitment>Work Study) jobs or take a directed supervised research course (e.g., BIOB98).


Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Gain experience by applying for a summer, part-time or Work Study position via CLNx (>Jobs & Recruitment).
  • Speak to professors and program advisors so you know what to keep in mind for grad school.
  • Explore careers through AA&CC’s Job Shadowing and In The Field programs.
  • Apply for DSL’s All-In Leadership program.

Year 3
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
  • Continue to build on your skills and knowledge through relevant events offered through your department, student groups, DSL and the AA&CC.
  • Consider being a peer reviewer for the Journal of Natural Sciences.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Speak with a staff member at the AA&CC to plan a potential career path.
  • Check CLNx for networking events and employer information sessions.
  • Attend the Graduate & Professional School Fair in September.
  • Join a conference like TEDxUTSC or International Development Conference to develop professional skills.

Year 4
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 0.5 Credit in Advanced Molecular Techniques: BIOD21H3.
  • 0.5 credit D-level Research-oriented “Cell & Molecular” Course Work from selected courses on Degree Explorer.
  • Use Degree Explorer to ensure you are on track to graduate.
  • Register your “Intent to Graduate” on ACORN by the deadline.

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Attend the AA&CC’s Get Hired job search conference in April/May.
  • Attend the Jobs for Grads orientation for a job search “crash course”; find job opportunities on CLNx.
  • Discuss grad school plans early with staff at the AA&CC and your professors.
  • Get your Personal Statement reviewed in the AA&CC.


  • AACC - Academic Advising and Career Centre (
  • ASCB - American Society for Cell Biology (
  • ASM - American Society for Microbiology (
  • BioSA - Biology Students Association (
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record (
  • CLNx - Career Co-Curricular Learning Network (
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning (
  • DSL - Department of Student Life (
  • HOSA - Health Occupation Students of America (
  • ISC - International Student Centre (
  • NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (
  • SCSU - Scarborough Campus Students Union (
  • USRA - Undergraduate Student Research Award (


Course Co-ordinator

Jennifer Campbell

Location: SW421D
Phone: 416-287-7404

Biological Sciences Librarian

Sarah Guay

Location: ARC main floor
Phone: 416-287-7497

Academic Advising & Career Centre

Location: AC213
Phone: 416-287-7561

Department of Student Life

Location: SL157
Phone: 416-208-4760

Biology Students' Association

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